Sim Update 5 No landing smoke


With the Sim Update 5, it supposed to add landing smoke.

I tried to land the A320 Neo and I dont see the smoke.

My graphic configuration in FS2020 is set on hight.

I have the Nvedia GTX 1070 card. Do I have to set something in FS2020?

Is the landing smoke do not work with my graphic card?

Thank you.

I only have a GT1030 and just today I was marveling at it or at least the dust kicked up from a dirt runway but it’s very quick and easily missed. I can imagine it being tied to one of the settings though which might need to be medium or high to see it.

Most settings on high (a few even lower) and I do get the tire smoke plumes.
Definitely not GPU related.

I’m not sure about plumes but more of a puff of smoke at impact. Of course if you’re a real greaser you might not get it :smiley:

You get the plume/puff touchdown effect in any case, even during a bounced touchdown when it shouldn’t occur at the second (or third) touchdown.

I know and I can’t figure out why you don’t get it. What about water landings, are you getting the visuals?

Again, I do get the touchdown and dirt effects with my low-high graphic settings.
Haven’t tried any float/amphib aircraft.

Sorry I’m half asleep, thought I was talking to the OP :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I’ve found the problem.

I use FS Playground to view replays of my landing. FS Playground do not replay the landing smoke :unamused:.

Thank you all of you.

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