Sim Update 5 performance before and after

This P3d 4.0 but looks the same on FSX as well. This is my old cockpit using 4 monitors and 1 machine running on a 880 nvidia card back in the day. Ths PC was a budget i5 that I put in better memory (16 gigs). The one machine is pushing all 4 monitors no span on the 1 machine with no problem at all my FPS with this setup always remained at 35…

And yes I do remember fsx day where people would have 3 or 4 machines 5 or 6+ monitors seats they stole out of an actually airliner etc ;p


Hi BubbaBlitz, for now I will stick with my trusted TrackIR and Buttkicker for increased immersion. I have become so used to TrackIR that I feel sometimes like I am really flying, especially the way I can use my head to look around and move fwd and backwards and to move my view point so I can look over the nose etc. it really ‘cool’.

A few years ago I, and some of my fellow flying club members’ were invited by an F15 pilot from Wattisham to go and fly the F15C simulators at RAF Lakenheath. They have 4 F15C’s and 4 F15E’s. We got to fly the single seat F15C. I managed to take-off and land and then attacked their airbase with cannons! :laughing: Only the cannons were enabled, we were not allowed to see the advanced weapons systems. Alas I only had 15 minutes in the sim, I think I recall being told they were worth $25 000,000 each, (on lease from Boeing) but I want one! Each simulator is in a dome made from mylar film onto which photo scenery is projected. The HUD is projected onto the wall of the little theatre, (in which each simulator is contained) in front of the cockpit. I was told that local school parties had been invited in and as long as the child can see over the glare shield, they fly around quite well. I guess at the end of the day it’s like a computer game to them. I could not work out how to get the gear to come up with the gear lever, an airman had to do it for me. We had a tour of the base control tower and air traffic control room, they even bought us Subway from the airbase. Fantastic day out!

This is a nice diversion from the all the CTD stuff. :smiley:

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Finally we had some third party devs speak up and they are just as shocked as the rest of us. Aerosoft news was brutal and PMDG was having issue with the DC6 due to changes within the SIM and something was not working right resulting in lower performance. So wasn’t just me getting worse performance it was third party devs too. Months of work has been lost due to the mismanagement from Asobo and them dumping this console port on us.

The worst part of this is that SU4 was finally stable and had convinced many third party devs to focus on MFS and then Asobo goes and does this. If I ever buy another console it sure as hell won’t be an XBOX :wink:


Do you have a link to the third-party developers comments?

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and a list of what is lost:

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Actually yes I do the Aerosoft made news on FSELITE and PMDG was debugging the DC6 for days trying to find out what was wrong with performance and they did. These were scattered across this forum the last few days from twitter and what not. Here is the official news from Aerosoft

Aerosoft Cancels Simple Traffic for MSFS – FSElite

Now Working Title can do damage control all day until they are blue in the face but the fact is this is NOT the same SIM we were all working with on SU4. We were supposed to get a SIM UPDATE 5 that means a tiny lil patch with some core fixes and new threading on the cpu main thread issue. What we got was an untested alpha version of a console port. It amazes me so many have to wonder why so many things are broken and not supported now.


Just for some clarity here, it is a third-party website that is making these claims, FSElite. We cannot pass judgement without Asobo being involved. There is way too much politics going on in this forum, I for one keep an open mind and just say, that’s move on. We were having a nice converstation here about flight simulator set-ups which was a nice diversion from the politics.

BRGDS. Charles


it is politic… nothing else. A application developer can do what he want and offer and API / SDK / … If a third party developer think he can ignore that and wonder now , as example, that some files are encrypted, I don’t know who made something wrong.

On other side you are right and a bit critism about these update should be allowed.

But… I remember one year ago we spoke already about the status of MSFS and the next main target-platform. Thus , at least for me is nothing new whats happen.

And , back to the topic… the performance is better,… of course, may be, not for ‘free’.

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Well it’s a general misconception to say everyone’s sim performance improved because it didn’t…


ähmm… yes… you are right. I have to be fair and there are reports about less performance. Let me correct it and re.write it as " a lot of users reported much better performance " :slight_smile: … not meant is in each case the fps count, but more the “smoothness” and " stutters".

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LOL thats funny back when I was about 11 (1965 or there bouts) my dad retired af and my uncle Active Duty Sac pilot used to takes us a couple of times a year to fly the B-52 simulator. Back then things weren’t so fancy, the cockpit was an accurate reproduction of a B-52b, but the windscreens were crts that black and white film images were shown depending on what training scenario you were running. I remember that there were more people in the computer room running the sim, then there were in the cockpit teaching us to fly (including instructors). It was a good time, and then my uncle would ruin it by saying ‘Okay kids if the Rooskies take us out before we can launch, it will be up to you to come get a plane and save the world’ Bwhahahahahah!

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Before SU5 I was always limited by GPU as it’s quite normal that my RTX 3070 is not enough for 4K@100. (What Dev Mode FPS counter showed all the time)

After the update with the exact same settings and config Dev Mode FPS counter shows “Limited by Mainthread PC” but I’m sure I’m still limited GPU (100%) usage as I check values from RTSS.

It looks a bit weird to me. Anyone experience the same ?

By the way I didn’t get any noticable gain with SU5. Is that normal ? I see lots of people are sharing their hugely improved FPS’s ! What am I missing ?

I tried changing lots of variables to see if I set anything wrong but no success. In game settings - BIOS settings - Nvida driver changes - Capping FPS in game or by Nvida or not capping etc.

How on earth some people see big improvements and some dont ?

RTX 3070 - AMD 5600X - 32 GB RAM
Default BIOS (RAM @ 3200MHZ) - Default Nvidia Settings

Latest drivers - Clean Commnity Folder
Updated Win 10 to latest build as always

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No improvement for me either. 2080Ti, i9-9900k. Same settings, same fps before and after update.

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I am guessing you are constrained by vsinc, disable it both in options and in NVCP (near the bottom), if you get tearing set max fps in the latter to your monitor’s refresh rate. You should then push your LOD all the way up to and even past 200 by using the .cfg hack (until Asobo make the higher LODs available) and then adjust your other settings to suit. Oh and do set your gpu to 100% renderscale first, this was a performance update afterall. Tweaking it back is most likely the last setting you will make and it can be used for extra stability over cities etc.

Don’t forget Babu’s revised tuning tips, don’t be mistaken by the date, it is in the US m/d/y format
[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (SU5 Complete Retest) (8/2/2021) - Student Pilots / Advanced Pilot Guides - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


I use 4K TV. Does it make any difference?

shouldn’t do. I assume it’s 60Hz so set that as max framerate in NVCP, as it’s unlikely you can get those speeds it’s no big deal just good practice. Once you have your favoured settings you can always clamp it to 30fps later.

and a note about the posible expectation: the 2080Ti is not able to deliver at 4K with settings all Ultra the 60Hz of your TV ( in case it is 60hz tv ) . Are you sure the stutters are in-game and not caused because of your TV ? Have you already tried the V-Sync “30” setting ?

Hi Micha that’s all true but not strictly neccessary so long as he has a fluid experience (20fps plus at it’s lowest) and it is something he can always set later. If he has all the latest drivers etc. any stuttering will probably be from a mod or 3rd party aircraft. You should always use default planes and airports for tuning and try to avoid any problem areas of which there are still plenty.

yep… but he wrote he have still stutters… therfore I ask about :slight_smile:

Stutters can of course also happen in case the settings are much to high ( which seems the case ) for the pc-system. The mentioned Vsync setting is only to cap the fps and get a better sync with the TV ( which not helps if fps allways goes lower than the target fps ).

Many simmers don’t know the difference between software induced stutters and those caused by excessive dropped frames, this guidance should at least eliminate the latter. Reseach has shown that as long as it’s even a 15fps static picture will be flicker free for most folk, of course any movement will then impact on this. Video 19fps is the minimum threshold, again any head movement and you will easily see it.

21 to 25 is where it starts to be unnoticable and 30 is flawless without throwing your head about. Some gamers actually swear that 60fps is not enough although I can’t see it myself (pun intended).

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