Sim Update 5 removed my Bush Trip completion(s)

I completed the Yosemite and Patagonia Bush Trips but with the latest update, they both currently show 0% completed. I have the Steam achievements to prove that I’m not crazy. Has anyone else seen this problem?

Yes, it looks like SU5 reset progress for all activities for everybody.

Same here

It is the second big reset previously my entire hour of fly was reset to 0


Bush trips still show for me. All other activities were reset to 0% though.

Where are they reset? In the Bush trips menu itself or also in Profile?

I see 0% completion in the menu window of both Training and Bush Trips.
However in Profile I still have the 3 achievement bush trips and the original training missions counted.

I also see similar wierdness with the landing challenges but this has been going on for months.
Each update seems to reset certain challenges to “New” and it seems to always be the same ones. A couple of Japanese ones, a couple of UK ones and the Nordic ones.

But in Profile all 33(?) Landing challenges are complete (I see something like 33/33)

I have the achievements in Steam for all the above items which get counted. In fact I am only missing Decathlon (10 weekly challenges) the long haul flight from Asobo to Microsoft and the two flying hours (500 hours and 1000 hours)

To me my bush trips didnt reset, but instead the Vfr map gps line dissapear, and all planes now start airborne instead of in the airport.
Also my AP doenst follow the gps anymore…its goes the wrong way or keep doing loops…some many bugs, and before it was almost perfect …

I had 8 completed bush trips. Now they’re all reset to 0% :frowning:

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Mine are gone as well. Any word if this will be fixed?

I would like to know how to reset anytime the bush flights to start over, or any other activity. If anyone get to know, I would appreciate feedback.

Safe flying!

You can reset ongoing bush-trips by deleting the savegames in


Don’t know how to reset the ones you have finished though…

Thanks for the link, I will try that.