Sim Update 5 | sky/cloud lighting Muddy with color banding

After SU5 the in-game sky/cloud lighting became a bit muddy. By that I mean the underside of some clouds have a purple/green color banding effect. Its something I noticed across PC and Xbox and in others screenshots as-well. The muddy effect persists with ColorGrading set to both on or off in the UserCfg.

purple/green cloud shadows in SU5 with ColorGrading set to 0

A comparison set. SU4 vs SU5. This time with ColorGrading set to 1 (on). Ingame time and weather preset matched.



SU5 has a noticable increase in highlight brightness and visible color banding in the sky. The uncompressed pictures also have the color banding.

Issue started on Sim Update 5. Currently i’m on hotfix running the Steam version of the game.

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