Sim Update 6 - Off Screen Terrain Pre-Caching Not Available for VR

Just downloaded SU6, and tried to set the new pre-caching setting for my VR setup.

The setting exists in 2D under “PC”:

but not in VR:

Can anyone confirm whether the “PC” setting applies to both 2D and VR, or have those of us with VR been forgotten about?

This is being looked into as per this:

Cheers, I didn’t have a chance to read through all of that yet. Good to see it’s been caught. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even though it is not available in VR settings I found it in the UserCfg.opt file in the VR section. Setting the “Quality” parameter to 3 significantly helped in VR, so the issue with the gradual load of trees as I move my head is gone.

Yep I can also confirm updating the UserCfg.opt file worked really well for me too. I set the value to 2 (High) and I definitely see improvement in texture load-in when turning my head.