Sim update 6 SDK problems remain

Just some observations at EGKK
The plus points

Fantastic, apron textures are now showing correctly, and not some strange duplicated texture thats not been assigned to the apron square. Previously textures were about 50% showing correctly in the SDK, but always built ok and when in the package.

updated models are displayed straight away after exporting any updating models offline. Previously they were not being updated after building in the SDK. Only showing up on the 2nd cycle in the SDK


Still no Live blender exporting.
have to fake edit the gtlf and save for the model to change whilst in the SDK.
Building and loading project still keeps a ghost copy of every model in its original location. only after save, build, close and reopen is anything synced correctly.
Building a project makes most of it disappear in the SDK

still is an improvement to SU5, but still waiting for 0.13.0 to come back

I’m pretty sure the SDK hasn’t been updated yet. This update (SU6) Didn’t include an SDK update yet, although it may be later this week.

Yes it definitely has been updated. The SDK extras you mean that you can download from the toolbar in dev mode are yet to be finalised

Need to make an amendment here… The ghost objects are because i needed to load this asset group. Well that works now… just tested it…

so i can now load project, build and load this asset group and everything is fine…
so thats a HUGE improvement

Unless I’m mistaken, the “extras” you mention are the SDK. The SDK (software development kit) is the download that you can see in the menu when you have dev mode enabled. There’s no SDK in the main update. Apologies if if misunderstood. Unless it’s been released in the last 2 hours while I’ve been away from the PC.

The dev mode is part of the update. SDK is just the tools and samples.

Yep, that’s my point. The SDK (the tools) haven’t been updated yet :+1:

Yeah, this sim update has fixed pretty much all of my issues in dev mode. It could Blender2msfs. Theres a workaround to get the timestamps updated to show live changes. No big issue. The developer of blender2msfs has performed enough miracles already

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I’m finding this too. None of my polygons persist between project sessions. e.g; they’ve vanished from the project editor each time I re-open the project.

On the plus side; the SDK seems a little more robust and not subject to quite as many freezes and CTDs as the last few.