Sim Update 8 Beta Users, Has it been worth it?

If all bug fixes are via Zendesk and the forum isn’t a place for us to communicate with Asobo then why have a bugs forum on here where we can vote on bugs? Why do Asobo display and publish an updated summary list of the most popular bug fix requests and wishlists from this forum every single week on a Thursday evening if they aren’t going to address any of them?

Regarding no Asobo responses on here, I’m not expecting them to post on here daily and chat to us, but having a spokesperson who can provide official updates on user’s concerns, especially in the days following an update launch when there are inevitably a multitude of issues would dramatically improve relations with their user base and stop half of the venting and complaining on here.

Most people are reasonable and understand when things go wrong. But when bugs or new issues arise with no response or acknowledgement for weeks it causes frustration and annoyance that could be substantially reduced with a bit more effective communication.


Honestly it hasn’t been worth it for me on Xbox. The issues I have still exist, most of their “fixes” such as weather radar don’t work on Xbox, aircraft are missing textures & liveries, some cause repeatable CTD’s, horrible lag and crashing using the new marketplace, etc.

I haven’t found any aspect of this update that is an improvement. If I didn’t know any better I’d say all their focus went into the UI change for the marketplace, because little else is working on my Xbox. I’ve even reinstalled the game and all updates twice to make sure that my issues weren’t related to a corrupted install.


The severe lack of direct communication with the developers on the beta forum pages is more important than the lack of communication from the developers on the general forum pages, I don’t expect them to answer every Joe Bloggs question about birds at altitude or why one cloud looks fluffier than the other, but I do expect them to interact with the very people testing their product updates especially when new game breaking issues are found during said beta process.


Completely agree with this, this time around I have not joined the beta for this reason.

Unfortunately its been the same since the alpha.

I took the plunge and in VR there is still numerous issues when looking at the world, trying to setup a flight route. Little stupid issues that would normally be caught in the developers unit test, but for some reason goes all the way to a beta.

Choosing departure airport sets your aircraft in a “airborne” state, it’s still not possible to press “add” custom waypoints when a route to/from has already been chosen.

I just don’t get why we are unit testers in a beta program??? It’s really a joke to call this a beta test so no I would say joining the beta has made med much more unhappy.


A 40 year old infant. They’ve been doing MSFS since 1982. The latest version of Excel isn’t in its infancy either.

But Asobo has never made a flight simulator before. So it is still in its infancy. Your excel comparison doesn’t pan out either as this is an all new from the ground up sim from a new team not a measly software update to and already existing product.

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…and therein lies the problem, they had to call in Working Title to help them out with (currently) one aspect of the Sim and it’s plainly obvious they need help in other areas (Weather, VR) as well. They’d be better off bringing in more WT like groups to help work on specific areas of the Sim, then they can concentrate on the areas they do know about. Relieve the workload, bring in more knowledgable groups, move forward.


Having an enjoyable experience in VR so far. I’m happy because I know the team is actively working on improving the sim so as long as MSFS is alive, I’ll support them. It’s not as easy as some people might think to develop a big simulator like this and it’s even harder to fix it. It’s a matter of decisions and resource management. I’m sure if they could, they would put a team on every single bugs but it’s not reality. Keep it real :slight_smile:

Plus you need to understand that some of the bugs in this SU8 have probably been fixed before it even released but they need to deal with deadlines and restrictions for software updates. So I’m expecting some minor bug fixes will get pushed to us before the end of this beta testing.

Was. That was a year and a half ago. It’s now gone through how many “measly” software updates?

What does it mean “The weather has been improved” ?
Are you refering to visual aspects, eye-candy stuff or do they really improve the weather as what should be already implemented since a while like:

-Gust Winds in live weather
-Severe Turb in CB as it’s supposed to be, downdraft/updraft etc … (I make the list of realistic weather features shorter on purpose, I’ll be so happy (not only me) if those essential features were in MFS2020 as it is on Xplane.

At least having a realistic live weather with realistic effects/impacts then we won’t be allowed to fly a C152 in TS anymore (lethal cells for airplanes in ThunderStorm!!!) then like it goes IRL we will be much more aware about the danger in the skies (avoiding CB in VFR for instance) while creating a VFR flight plan! … etc …

I mean at least the minimum of realism required for a Flight Simulator that should, by meaning, simulate things but not only showing where my house is located on the map with beautiful clouds around like a postal card… I’m just talking about simulation of aviation here actually.

So that if you can precise a little bit more that’s cool and I thank you in advance mate! :wink:


Sounds good! Physics/aerodynamics, so much essential, it has to be simulated! :+1:

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The problem is the fact that Asobo did not design the sim from ground up. Much of the current version was built upon FSX. Asobo took a decade old sim and updated the terrain, aircrafts and overall interface to make it a new sim. Why every time they try to fix something, they are also breaking many as the product is not something they designed from ground up.

Then you add what they tried to do with SU5 trying to turn a pc based sim into a game console version instead of branching out with a new code.

Given how complex these sims are, I cannot blame MS using the old code as the basis, but it is what it is, and I am not sure if Asobo will ever be able to make the sim as good as it would have been if it were designed from ground up.

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From my initial flights I prefer the beta version over the old version yes. I see more live traffic, I can move more than 1 throttle at a time in VR and performance is the same or possibly slightly better. But I fully sympathise with users disappointed with the new bugs, and the old bugs which are not properly fixed.

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Lets be honest here, the yoke not moving the right way under autopilot is not ideal visually but has negligible effect on usability, thus in terms of severity it ranks pretty low on the list. If I was a developer that would sit far far down in my priorities no matter how big of an issue you make it.

Also reporting this in the beta feedback is disingenuous since it’s not part of the SU8 scope and isn’t a new bug. Hence your report is almost certain to get ignored.

Its an immersion killer and tells something about how this sim is put together. Its also a (seemingly) easy fix and will solve a lot of problems for a lot of people having their deadzones set incorrectly (not centering correctly giving a slight input already overrules the AP), thats how I found out about this also, so its not only visual. Its unacceptable that small, annoying, easy to fix bugs are not being fixed for so long, same for fuel and payload sliders still jumping all over the place when using KG as units and ATIS reporting wind in ft/sec (?!). Its gonna be ignored either way so might as well keep trying.


Stick to your guns, @Nijntje91 :slight_smile:

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and they (Asobo) are doing a wonderful job.


Surely a ton of these also stem from Zendesk reports and automated crash logs, things we know were in huge backlog and have been begging them to work on. There will always be “that one bug” that is more important to someone than the others, but I don’t think everything is equally as easy to reproduce, debug, and patch. I’m sure at least one dude is out there somewhere super happy that his game breaking issue has been taken care of.


There are 3 bugs for me is the ATC dialogue seems to reset, so you have to drag all the way down again to see what they are saying. Quite annoying and the VFR map is bugged and loads too long. Position reset track GPS all the time. Last one, i fly with keyboard Mouse and gamepad xbox controller and it seems that the cockpit view from normal to landing view is bugged. Also remapping doesnt work for that problem. But overall its a stable beta build.