SIM Update 8 Settings Change

I noticed that if I change settings while a flight is loaded and resume, the engines are killed. This has happened with the Aerosoft CRJ and the default C152. I don’t believe that happened previously as I was always able to tune the setting then resume the flight without any issues.

Do you mean when you pause the sim, alter settings in your options and then resume your engines are off?

Are you using any peripherals with control maps to engine start/off or maybe mixture?

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This was an issue one or two sim updates back, it affected all axis assigned to prop/throttle/mix…old bugs brought to life once more is not new to us :stuck_out_tongue:

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As far as I know that has always been the case for the CRJ (not for other planes though)

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Thank you so much. I had never experienced it before since I tweaked my settings on the go all the time.

I’m just using the yoke & stick. I had never experienced it before but others have confirmed apparently this has always existed.

Seen that before, first thing switching back in cockpit is checking Throttle(s)

Thank you for confirming. I hadn’t experienced it before so I thought it was as a result of SU8.

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