Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread

My guess is that Microsoft did not want two versions one for PC and one for Xbox?
I hope with all the PC users they will re-concider?
As to the study level plane creators I believe this will be a problem?

I used the extra ram to put the rolling cache in memory, quicker redraws when looking around

However it would be much better to have an option not to discard everything that goes out of view for a second. Even with rollingcache in RAM, redraw is impossible to miss.

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FBW Simulations A320neo (LEAP)
1). Cockpit textures are flickering
2). Strobe and Landing Light toggles not working

1). All activities regressed to 0% Mastering

Issues remain despite removing/deleting additional liveries on the Community folder. Any one else experiencing this?

I’m really so depressed about this fiasco of an update. We can all now run FS in a Commodore 64.

MS and Asobo need to fix this and not limit our very powerful and very expensive PCs to run at the level of a $500 game box!


Question is would it be legal for Microsoft not to have a disclaimer " If you use Microsoft Simulator 2020 be aware that your Main memory and GPU memory will be limited to the following GPU 6.8 GB and Main Memory 6.5"

Volumetric lighting / lightshaft are gone.

THIS was an outright lie MS/Asobo did exactly that.
1min 50sec

i wonder if Jörg Neumann ever actually used the sim in its “sim” intent?

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About Jorg Neumann
The decision about the downgrade was probable above his pay grade?

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maybe, but that is what he said in die Q&A while he allready (allegedly) had his hands on the xbox/1.18 version and i doubt that it got nerfed after that?

Fair point. But I have experienced that people in charge are often overwritten by a VP of Finance or President. We know nothing about his or Microsoft planned budget for the flight sim development? We also do not know how much over the budget they actually are.


Thank-you sir!!! I’m still testing. But so far its the smoothest I’ve seen

Nah, I don’t think that’s a thing. The game works. They just ‘optimized’ it. And let’s be fair: the less memory it uses the more people with lesser systems can run it.

Although if this is true, I now understand why they hád to optimize it: it wouldn’t fit in their XBox…

Also a reason I don’t pay a lot of attention to the marketing babble and those Q & A’s. This stuff they will never tell you… (if it’s true)…

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To say the game works is too simplistic. Yes it works for some but one has to realize this game started on the PC and now people with a higher end PC have problems.
There are always trade offs in a good working simulator speed, quality and hardware.
It is a shame that we are now saying the game works fine for me and forgetting about the other players self interest at play.

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I know. I was sort of playing devil’s advocate there… that will be their argument. I don’t think you can sue a company over sensible memory use in a computer game. Even if that lowers the experience for people with 128GB memory. However, if this is true, it would have been nicer if they had mentioned it somewhere between all the hoo haa over the greatness of SU5.

I also think technically it probably isn’t necessary. Just differentiate in code between XBox and PC or simply base it in code on the amount of memory actually available. So either way it’s a weird choice if they capped it hard. Then again… seeing all the other weird choices… it wouldn’t surprise me.

Again, I am going on a rumor here… so… if it’s true…

I get CTD whether I try to install or uninstall in Content Manager.

Initially everything works but later it will not follow heading and or altitude. Dev version buggy compared to stable release version on MFSF Update 5.

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I hear what you are saying. Unfortunately you are correct Microsoft should not have lied as shown in their own video saying PC computers will not be downgraded for the Xbox.
Well they have but they went about it the wrong way. Your suggestion of having 2 versions makes sense on the surface but the reallity is that it is not that simple they would have too rebuild the PC platform because the changed all the graphics to run on the Xbox so you can’t just turn a switch. Other problems are companies that make study level aircraft which will take more memory we no longer have.


Thank you, yes it has many problems at the moment

I don’t totally exclude - if this is confirmed - that it’s a bug too…

You don’t have to have a big separation to say ‘hey, this system has 64GB, let’s have it’ and on an XBox the conclusion would obviously be different, and you can’t have it. Can be the same sharable code. Just smarter programming. That’s why I’m not sure about this hard cap and if it’s true. It seems a bit too stupid.

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The simple answer is when you have gone down the road too far? It is difficult to turn around. This is the situation Microsoft is in.