Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread

ATC options in the “Customization” section of aircraft selection no longer persist between flights.

Also the Callsign field seems to have something of a language filter. Would love to turn that off.

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Give us back Su4.

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It’s really a mess, the worst update so far:

  1. Cockpit interface messed up, even going back to “legacy”
  2. Cockpit instrument graphic (A320NX last development update compatible in theory with SU5) downgraded (i.e. artificial horizon)
  3. Didn’t manage to set speed in A320NX, don’t know why, never happened before since December
  4. Terrain morphing continuously
  5. Level of detail at distance reduced one more time and again (don’t know how many times since first release); now with the airliner you have to be almost on the vertical before a complex scenery pop up

Yes it seems smooth (even if I must say never had significant issues before with framerate), but at the cost of the graphic that was the real innovation of this SIM.

I’m speechless honestly…I was so happy till yesterday…yes, photogrammetry and melted buildings were still an issue but on balance the game was really good.


Flying in Windowed Mode, maximized, yields lower frame rates than flying in Full Screen, to the tune of about 40%. Window Mode in 3/4 screen size restores frame rates.

Fully agreed

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None of my default aircraft avionics work. Weird.

I’m not sure what I did but things seem to be working fine now. Airports are all still brown, but waypoints showed up, I can use procedures, and ATC works. I also just added Navigraph back to my community folder.

You turned off hyperthreading? What on earth for?

yeah I installed it using the launcher and it still crashes every second time but I guess they will update it fast

  • CTD if I leave the sim idle for a few minutes. Very unstable.
  • ‘Toggle parking brake’ toggles off AND on in one click. Cannot use my x.52 pro.
  • SimObject pilots have been stripped of their animation and are in a useless t-pose. Breaks my airport scenario.


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Way over done. :frowning: Alaska is miserable. and VR is unbearable like this


Sorry to say I think Microsoft is showing their true colors and going full throttle towards X-BOX Gamers and the money they will make from them vs Flight Simulation People . The mandatory updates are messing up a good thing for us Flight Simmers . Last straw for me and a few of my friends. Uninstalling it tonight , not going to put up with the frustration any longer , Its been fun trying but enough is enough sorry to say. Good Luck to the X-Box people . I must say the scenery is the best thing about this program it is truly fantastic and I have enjoyed it ,but the frustration now trying to fly anything is beyond fun . Bye Bye.


And even the scenery has gone downhill. I’m disappointed. I want back.

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So after running the update in the game I have to go to content manager to run other updates? Question, I didn’t like the mouse pop ups coming up while highlighting aircraft instruments. For example, If I am adjusting altitude and I mouse hover over the alt heading in the auto pilot it lets me see whether is increasing or decreasing, right now it doesn’t show anything but the name of the instrument. And I already switch out of legacy mode.

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Loaded a flight plan from a previously successful flight through Glacier NP, which was exported from LNM. Seemed to import fine in the world map:

But looked like this in the DA62 G1000:

None of the custom waypoints loaded.

I still can’t figure out how to get that map to orient North, as the menu is blank. Then, wanting to see what AP would do with this (not much hope there), it CTD.

Go to options > controls options > mouse
select default profile and save changes

Also try mid-click

This update is a piece of ■■■■.

I literally had to go back to the legacy way of turning up the brightness on all my stuff, the 747 gets around 35000 And will no longer climb, no matter what I do to it: reduce air speed, change variable speed to make the nose go up… nothing, will not climb at all with or without mods.

the 787 is unfliable without mods, I put the mod in it made it worse talking about the heavy division mod…

this thing needs a lot of work every time they improve something, they end up screwing something else up…

so whenever asabo studios and Microsoft get their act together, I’ll be back until then ya’ll can have a nice day and so can the people that built this ■■■■■■ simulator.

Because I am officially out.

Did you really read my post? 98C. while sitting in the cockpit. That’s with HT on! Turned off my temps are reduced by 15-20 C., that’s why.

Granted, those are spike temps but nonetheless.

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LOL is that alaska? My alaska had no snow

I am with you brother. I’ve dodged most of the serious problems with all the previous updates but this one has made the sim completely un-flyable for me. After two full days of screwing around trying to get some semblance of a working aircraft, I’m ready to put my gear back in their appropriate boxes and remove the sim from my Steam account.

Complete horseschitt.

Anybody interested in a Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo along with an X-Touch Mini?