Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread

Okay. KJFK 31L. Ready to fly.

Change to full screen, turn on dev mode and mark box fps > apply and save.

Press PrintScreen button and paste (CTRL+V) into topic, please.

No thanks.

But thanks for the conversation.

Why not? We can help Asobo, mate.

Turning off the page file worked with X-Plane. After that the ram usage was heavy.

It’s definitely a bug. It’s never 51c at FL 320. It seems localized as well or temporary. Further over Italy it suddenly chanced to -20c. Exactly the same as before SU5 where a flight from Europe to NA constantly had my engines losing power, go down, then suddenly they had power again, go back up, repeat. It must have been those wild temperature swings.

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that explains
the engine losing power,going down&up again happened often on the extremely long trip with my Boeing to try unlock the steam achievement
“Frequent Flyer Miles”-Fly from LFBD airport near Asobo Studio to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ.
I was worrying that I might have accidentally put off the engines or so…

I think there also is an issue with saving progress.I had to reload my save arriving at KSEa airport in Seattle because the auto pilot
didn’t pop wheels & lowered flaps during landing & was just gonna crash into the runway.
When I reloaded ,all my progress was gone & the game acted as if I just started the flight.While I was good for KSEA approach,
the game instructed me to ascend to 240ft & had a ±4000NM distance to do again.As if my progress was never saved & only my position.As if it expects me to go fly back to LFBD ,to pick up there & fly all the way back again to KSEA Seattle where I saved the game
here is a wishlist topic that is about the same issue I think,data not saving .Causing loads to miss certain data Incomplete save/load - #2 by HB427112
Sometimes after I crash into the ground & reload a save,the aircraft is loaded at the former crash altitude in the sea.
So believe there is something not saving all the aspects & then resulting in reloads that are not in the state it was saved in.Neither is the speed or state of the plane saved. I’ve encountered many times that I load a save where I was in landing phase & the aircraft is full speed again with flaps up & everything after loading the save. Or a reload after a crash,loading the plane in the water a second before impact,crashing a second after loading.

If you are right about the restriction on the Ram and GPU Ram usage then I wonder why I bloody got the 24 GB ram with the nvidia 3090rtx and the 64 GB Ram on my motherboard. I have a feeling of being ripped off after all the money I spent on addons and other things via the marketplace.
Thats sad.

Unfortunately for you CPScomuterman is correct about the memory usage in Microsoft Flight Simulator after the update to make it work in the Xbox.

And how will the study level plane creators handle this limits of ram and vram I wonder?
I did not buy software for a xbox. In August 2020 I bought a licence for a PC game… and now this product witch is running on a PC gets castrated because of the xbox release? Great…

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My guess is that Microsoft did not want two versions one for PC and one for Xbox?
I hope with all the PC users they will re-concider?
As to the study level plane creators I believe this will be a problem?

I used the extra ram to put the rolling cache in memory, quicker redraws when looking around

However it would be much better to have an option not to discard everything that goes out of view for a second. Even with rollingcache in RAM, redraw is impossible to miss.

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FBW Simulations A320neo (LEAP)
1). Cockpit textures are flickering
2). Strobe and Landing Light toggles not working

1). All activities regressed to 0% Mastering

Issues remain despite removing/deleting additional liveries on the Community folder. Any one else experiencing this?

I’m really so depressed about this fiasco of an update. We can all now run FS in a Commodore 64.

MS and Asobo need to fix this and not limit our very powerful and very expensive PCs to run at the level of a $500 game box!


Question is would it be legal for Microsoft not to have a disclaimer " If you use Microsoft Simulator 2020 be aware that your Main memory and GPU memory will be limited to the following GPU 6.8 GB and Main Memory 6.5"

Volumetric lighting / lightshaft are gone.

THIS was an outright lie MS/Asobo did exactly that.
1min 50sec

i wonder if Jörg Neumann ever actually used the sim in its “sim” intent?

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About Jorg Neumann
The decision about the downgrade was probable above his pay grade?

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maybe, but that is what he said in die Q&A while he allready (allegedly) had his hands on the xbox/1.18 version and i doubt that it got nerfed after that?

Fair point. But I have experienced that people in charge are often overwritten by a VP of Finance or President. We know nothing about his or Microsoft planned budget for the flight sim development? We also do not know how much over the budget they actually are.


Thank-you sir!!! I’m still testing. But so far its the smoothest I’ve seen