Sim Update V Custom Toolbar Option does nothing

Clicking on the custom toolbar option in overhead menus does nothing, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Resetting the toolbar is the only option to fix toolbar menus in VR (at least for first gen WMR users), as much as I was hoping for it to get fixed, I can’t even reset the toolbars now. So all the menus(ATC, maps etc) comes blown on the face instead of normally floating around in VR. And somehow it is worse than before maybe because of the LOD.

Same issue for me. Before, one push on the reset button fixed all of them at once, now I have to open the tools separately, reset the view, then after a few other resets, I can open several of the tools normally. As you say, it’s worse than before.

did you try changing the input profile to default? That did for me.