Sim VR thoughts.. Sim Update 3

I got my Quest 2 working relatively decent on 2080Ti.
What works for me in terms of detail and resolution, as long as the final resolution is anywhere around 2700 - 2800 pixels vertical, its a pretty crisp image for my purposes (VFR, usually no higher than 5k altitude).
You can get to the above resolution any way you want, either directly via Quest 2 settings or a combination of different Super Sampling multipliers.

Anything bellow 2600 vertical, starts to soften the terrain a bit too much for my liking.

Well that’s a relief.

I’ve just reinstated surround on my 3 very old monitors, to go from 1280x1024 to 3840x1024, and the nameplates are back to their former size and clarity.

I’m hoping that the dev concerned has accidentally used the 2d resolution to determine the nameplate and font size, when they should have used the resolution of the connected headset, as that would probably be an easy fix, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to have the game across 3 effectively unused monitors rather than just the one that i’d prefer to use.

Many thanks to those that suggested the workaround.

In case this helps others :

I tried different Oculus tray tool settings, and then tried without using it -

So i actually get the best VR experience with my Rift S, if i do NOT use Oculus Tray tool. Just loading the sim and sliding render scaling to the right ( around 170-180), gives me great VR resolution. Fairly smooth too.

i usually keep textures and clouds at ultra, other sliders at medium or high, bloom off. ( 3090 EVGA).

In cockpit resolution / gauges is definitely easier to read, maybe the radio panel buttons are a bit blurry and i have to lean in ( C172 / DA40) , but overall no shimmering, no microflashes of light, no twitching.

Rift S, EVGA 3090, latest Nvidia driver, Oculus beta, latest version. 64 GB DDR4, i9-10850

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