Simbreif problems

Hi, I hope I’m posting in the right section. I am having a problem with Microsoft flight simulator not detecting the correct file location where my flight plans are. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and is it possible to change the default search that microsoft flight simulator uses when you select load flight plan? I should have said at the beginning that I’m using Simbreif and I have followed all the instructions and YouTube videos to the letter but it seems like the simulator just cannot find the flight plans. Also just one more thing, when the simulator opens file explorer (not the correct location) I try to search for the correct file location but it says that the file is empty. I am using the crj 900 by the way.
Any help is much appreciated.

Have you set Simbrief up, so that it downloads the current generated flightplan to MSFS flight plan location.

Yes I did that.

Have you confirmed the flight plan is in the flightplans folder?

Yes, when I generate the flight plan it transfers to simbrief downloaded and then it transfers it to the proper path (steam version) but when I try to load the flight from the simulator it says that folder is empty.

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