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I have been using Simbrief with the A320NX quite a bit recently and I’ve noticed that there are quite a few waypoints/airways missing in the FMS as I’m not using the latest AIRAC cycle. Does anyone have an alternative to buying the nav data from Navigraph so I can get a valid flight plan/route which I can use but still use the OFP from Simbrief? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.


I think, there isn’t any free source when it comes to NavData. Also, upgrading to the newest AIRAC in Simbrief is only possible with Navigraph.

Beside, Navigraph is really worth. You will not only get the newest Data, you will also get updated charts, a moving map for your tablet etc… Also you can cancel your subscription at any time. Maybe it’s worth, giving it a try for you.

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Thanks for your reply! I already have the latest jep charts using my company’s ipad, I’m just after a valid flight plan with the latest airac, looks like subscription is the only way to go with simbrief…

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Its only fair, simbrief is “free” and does need funds, after all they are providing their applications and servers to serve, and it may be that Navigraph provides some support in that.

Same problem here.

The free AIRAC is getting less and less usable.

I am not subscribing to Navigraph until FS2020 matures as an IFR platform, though. I used PFPX for my flight planning back in the day, but at the moment it feels a bit pointless since the default aircraft are all off the mark to some degree.

The way I do it at the moment, is to plan the flight with the old AIRAC in SimBrief, import it into the sim and then just select the SID/STARS from the drop-down menu. This will cause the sim to change the waypoints. But as long as the route distance is close to the planning, it’s good enough.

The fuel figures will be off anyway.

I’m new to Simbrief (only used it a few times now, each time in well-documented areas) and I have a Navigraph subscription, so I’m not 100% sure this is entirely correct all the time, but AFAIK, you can manually add a route in Simbrief and have it use that. The only “issue” would then be that it will write a note on your OFP that the route isn’t compatible with the Simbrief AIRAC.

I don’t know if there would be more problems than that with an AIRAC that completely changes the airways or nav points, though.

I would rather be happy to see the opposite approach to the problem. As I am not hardcore simmer who value every realistic detail. I could live in peace with somewhat outdated procedures (it’s nice to have newest database, but I understand that nobody willingly will provide that for free). So, in my opinion it would be nice to have a feature to be able to switch the nav data in the sim to some older free nav database, so all the tools I am using could be in sync.

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