Simbrief Flight Plans and the Airbus A320NX

Post SU7, I have encountered a consistent problem with Simbrief generated flight plans loaded into the MCDU on the A320NX. Each time I review my plan in the MCDU, I see one or more discontinuities, usually at the intersection of the main plan and either my SID or STAR or both. I have been unable to correct these problems pre-flight, although I can work around them in the air by going “direct to” the next waypoint after the break. Assuming that others have encountered the same issue, is there a way that I can overcome the breaks in the plan before starting my flight? For example, in the CRJ, one can simply copy and paste the next waypoint over the discontinuity?

In the A320NX click the CLR button then click the LSK for the discontinuity.

i was going to write the same as tubbsa, just CLR the discontinuity in the MCDU.
But I do want to add that the number of payload,weight and balance; and Fuel, are NOT loaded correctly in the MCDU. I have ( i guess, as irl ) to fill all the correct numbers manually. Which, when you have a tight evening schedule with kids, and still want to make a decent flight on VATSIM, it becomes very difficult. By the time the cockpit prep is done, the ATC service is already, or about to finish at destination planned

Worked. Many thanks.

The MSFS default fuel and load planner does not work with FBW A320NX any more.
That has been changed and can be handled through the simbrief import, or manually entered in the ACARS pages.
If you aren’t familiar with it, it is quite handy.
The fuel can be managed through the Flight Pad to the left of the Pilot’s seat as well.

i wasn’t metnionning MSFS default fltpln and fuel loader, but the Simbrief. Sorry, I wasn’t specific enough.
But Simbrief doesn’t import the right load, nor fuel into the MCDU or in the fueltanks

I’m curious about this too. According to the FBW documentation you have to load passengers, cargo and fuel. Some performance calculations are done in the MCDU. fuel is loaded via the flyPad. Passengers are loaded via the W&B page in the MCDU I haven’t been able to find clear and concise steps to do all of this.

Discontinuities in the MCDU flight plan are normal and do not necessarily have to be cleared. Sometimes it is just part of an approach or a departure.

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but if you don’t clear them, there’ll be a gap between SID and/or STAR, and the flightplan. Will the AP then “jump” from one to an other ? it wouldn’t seem “logic” to me, but i didn’t test that. I prefer to “clean up” my MCDU page, and have a nice continous green line on my display

No, it will not jump from one to the other.
It requires the pilot to take control at that point, or as mentioned, clear the discontinuity.


No the autopilot switches to heading hold when the MCDU is not providing it any input. For the CRJ it changes to ROLL mode which basically just keeps the wings level untill you sort it out.

Word to the wise. I noticed that the FBW (and in the past also the CRJ) have difficulty in (re)writing the SID/STARS from the imported flight plan when changing the runway and SID in case of ATC deciding something else than you prepared.

I myself always delete these SID/STARS in the simbrief suggested route. I often copy/paste them to the remarks sections just above, so you keep 'm in the flight plan for reference. After deleting them, hit the Analyze Route button again and it will give you the route. Once in the sim when ATC provides the clearance, just select the departures page, the correct runway and the corresponding SID. In this way the route doesn’t have to be re-written but just added which for some reasons seems to be a lot easier for it software/coding wise. I hadn’t experienced (much) difficulties ever since.

Also, be advised that for the Aerosoft CRJ you can select the option to not load the SID/STARS from the simbrief import so you don’t have to do this manually anymore.

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For some reason my simbrief flightplans outside of the USA or Europe have no sids and star, no airways and stuff in there. Only directs from departure till arrival

Are you familiar with the current method of inputting the flightplan into the MCDU?

If not, the link a few threads up about loading will take you to FBW’s article on it.

I am familiar. I use simbrief as a guide, but put everything, even the winds in by hand and not autoload. But that has nothing to that at a lot of airports i don’t get a real departure or approach route.

For instance now i am flying from Wellington NZ to Brisbane Aus (NZWN - YBBR) to learn navigraph, but it’s taking of and make a left landing is going down and make a right… This departure or/and, more or less direct, approach is nowhere to be seen at any chart.

I flew into NZWN last evening, NZAA -NZWN and the night before YSSY-YBBN.
In both cases I had stars on arrival.
BLAK4A into YBBN and TPAP3A into NZWN.
I used TAXU5Q for the last departure out of NZWN, but that was a while ago.

I myself just use the gomo2a approach. But none in the flightplan

But my experience the last days is that this happens more…
So i created some more plans…al without sids and stars? Bit weird

Try this one:
It does have a SID, but this routing doesn’t use a STAR.
That GOMO2A adds a fair bit of nm to the route.
You could just fly the route and then an intercept course to final.

Thanks for the help. I will try.
But when i enter the gomo2a into navigraph it doesnt look to bad adding nm

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