Simbrief Problem with PMDG 737-600 incl. Video Link?

I planned my flight at Simbrief and export it as it is shown in this Video:

I also followed all other steps and realized two things that make me think something went wrong.

1.) At the map there is no route to see but …
2.) when i communicate with ATC i did not get the option to choose a IFR Flight according to my Simbrief Flightplan.

Is this tutorial video just outdated, or does Simbrief and PMDG737-600 do not cooperate together?

As is expected this tutorial did not work out at all. After take off AP did not brought me to planned route. Is there a good and true vid with a tutorial how to import a Simbrief Plan for PMDG Boeing 737-600 perfectly?

Hi, Eulelowa89
The video lets you see how to import the flightplan into the fmc it does not show how to program the fmc. In the the Simbrief flightplan are the SID and STAR set but they are not loaded into the Fmc they have to be set by hand.
After you import the flightplan you also have to set the SID in the DEP/ARR page of the fmc. If you do not set the SID ( Standard Instrument Departure) to the start off youre flightplan, the plane does not know wich way to turn after takeoff. If you set the fmc correctly you can arm the LNAV and VNAV button before takeoff. After takeoff at approx. 500 ft activate the autopilot by pushing the CMD button. So insert the SID in the fmc, wich one depents on the departure runway and the startpoint off you’re route.

Hope this helps a bit,
Anyways Happy flying.

OK THX. Thats why AP started after i manually steered to first Navpoint? It just misses SID and STAR and i have to add them manually? I thought they will be added automatically when downloading and installing the route plan since i could see them in Simbrief too.
I have another question about Simbrief if possible. I prefer to start cold&dark cause its most immersive but so far i landed always directly at rwy. I could avoid this only by downloading the flightplane for msfs too and adding a gate starting point.

When i use GSXPro i can connect it somehow with Simbrief? Its says Simbrief username missing, integration not active. Or will that cause more trouble with PMDG 737?


IRL Rwy and Sid is never automaticly set in the Fmc but alway’s given by Atc depending the weather at a given time.
To start at a Gate or Parking spot you don’t have to load the flightplan in to the Sim, after setting the Aiport you can select a gate or parking directly from below the airportcode as you do after loading the Fltplan. By loading the flightplan into the worldmap it will always set you up on the runway.
On the GSXPro thing i can’t be off any help cause i don’t use it.

Happy flying.