Simconnect, FLCH, VS and the Autopilot

Been doing a bit of trawling, as have had some shenanigans getting certain functions to work.
Mainly those related to the heading bug, hold and set buttons, turning on the FLCH and using the altitude rotary and hold buttons.

I’ve hunted down what it’s actually DOING when i press physical clicks on the interface - then emulated them via simconnect and it’s not behaving the same way, so am assuming there’s some under the bonnet shenanigans going on.

At the moment, just working on the Dreamliner and trying to get simconnect to “push” the FLCH and Hold buttons - which as far as I can tell, doesn’t work. I can cause the autopilot to turn to a heading via simconnect, and hold it, and change altitude and hold it (as well as managing the throttle), but can’t for the life of it work out how to actually push the buttons. the INC and DEC events for heading work nicely, causing the plane to turn for instance - and the readout changes as well.

Things I’m a little stuck on are:

Has anyone got any insights into these elements of working with simconnect ID’s or how to actually just mirror the “pushing of a button” for those items?

Certainly - work so far has led me to believe certainly for altitude there are TWO variables - one in the display and one behind the scenes - as when i use certain combinations, all of a sudden, it jumps to a different value - OR holds at a “behind the scenes” value and not the displayed one until I make a change.

on the A320 this works (to push or pull the buttons)
TransmitEvent(EventEnum.SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET, 1);
TransmitEvent(EventEnum.SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET, 2);

the number is a uint

enum EventEnum {

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Will take a look. Much appreciated!

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Any luck on the FLCH command? I can’t see it listed anywhere in the SDK documentation???