SimConnect stutter

Merci pour les infos mais le souci ne vient pas de l’USB2 mais de l’interface SimConnect.
Le matériel Saitek n’est pas le seul impacté par ces soucis, c’est le cas de tout ce qui utilise SimConnect.
J’ai plein de matériel Saitek avec un PC tout récent et SpadNext et tout fonctionne parfaitement hormis le bug SimConnect dont tout le monde attend la résolution

English translation (sort of :slight_smile: )
Thanks for the info however our current issue is not linked at all to the USB2 support but rather to a bug in SimConnect.
Saitek hardware is not the only one impacted
I own a lot of saitek modules (Yoke, quadrant, panels, rudder, FIPs …) and all is working perfectly with a brand new PC with SpadNext…except the current SimConnect bug we’re all waiting for a fix

I’m confident they are going to fix it in the upcoming patch. I think it’s all hands on deck at this point.

We working too

The patch went live an hour ago or so. Can anyone confirm if its fixed? Cant wait :slight_smile:

It’s out out for 34 minutes. Be patient :grin:

Oh yes. It is fixed.


Just tried Lorbys AxisAndOhs that I need for my Logitech flight panels. Steady framerate when it’s running and not. Pre-patch my framerate took a dump as soon as I started it.

Looks like SimConnect is working as expected now :slightly_smiling_face:

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My saitek radio pannel work great without syutter. Thanks msfs.

Great to hear! :nerd_face:

Using FS-FlightControl.
Pre Patch massive stutter.
Now smooth as silk.


Just MSFS and Saitek Radio Panel and it works ? You don’t need anything else to install ?

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That depends entirely on what you mean by “Saitek Radio Panel”. That isn’t software. You need a driver to make the hardware work, and at this time you have to use an external tool to drive them. I’m not sure anyone has put a master list together, but off the top of my head your options are:

Axis and Ohs

There are a few others.

Logitech are working on their drivers, but I doubt it will offer any user configurations, just as it is with their X-Plane drivers, so if you want to do something different, perhaps tailored to a single aircraft, you’ll have to use one of those above.

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I mean this one ;

I would like to buy it but I and be sure it works.

I have 2 of them installed on my home cockpit and can confirm its working with spadnext

Thanks a lot !

I used spad.

Before the patch Little Navmap would connect through the lan using Little Navconnect (all be it with stutters) but since patch Little Navconnect don’t even see the flight sim i.e. simconnect it is just waiting for an X-plane connection. Have they changed something that needs doing to get simconnect to work now?

Actually LNM wont even connect to MSFS when run on the same PC.

No problems here with littlenavmap.
Look under connection. Is there xplane selected?
Change it to FSX!

I recommend checking out this also… I think much better option compared to that panel :slight_smile: Stream Deck Button Box (My C172 Implementation) - #42