SimConnect_Text not working anymore since SU5

I know the documentation says that SimConnect_Text isn’t supposed to work, but at least it showed text in a “Tips” popup… until Sim Update 5.
I’m using the managed version SimConnect.Text and tried using different parameter values but it doesn’t work anymore.
Anyone has a solution, or at least some information about this?

I made a similar report in the “Bugs & Issues / SDK” section, planning on deleting this topic, but it seems I can’t do that. :neutral_face:

Why? It might be a “duplicate”, but at least I now know about this issue (haven’t tried it myself just now, but wanted to use the “text” functions too at some point in time - so it is “good” to know that there is no hurry now with this functionality :confused: )

If you can’t remove the topic, you can try to click on the Flag button to flag this topic and put a note in that your have already created a new one in correct section, so a mod can help you to remove this.

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