Simplest Paintkits with file hierarchy? Losing my mind creating liveries!

I am overwhelmed with the livery creation process. It was so much simpler in X-Plane because the DDS files had a clear left/right/top/bottom, wings, elevator etc.

While I have found a paint kit for example for the classic 172, there is no border or delineation of parts of the aircraft, so I can’t tell what i am painting.

Are there any well made paintkits with the mesh showing, and/or labels and easier readability as to what surface is what?

In addition, I’ve read a few tutorials on the file structure and .json and .cfg files to edit, but I end up getting confused. Ideally the paint kit would include the right folder/file hierarchy and I can simply edit files/names as needed.

Yes I’ve tried the blender method for liveries via YouTube video, and followed along mostly until I must have misunderstood something and got stuck.

All I’m asking for are simple aircraft mesh DDS files and folder hierarchy in a nice clean paint kit I can edit and drop in, and I’m done.

  • C172 and C172 classic
  • 208 Grand Caravan

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