SimShaker for Aviators - Thread from the Dev

Hey forum,

this is the official SimShaker for Aviators (SSA) thread for MSFS related questions.

SSA requires SimConnect, so, in order to use SSA you must install SimConnect. Search the internet or you old FSX CDs for the installer.

The new SSA v2 version is stable and Andre was kind enough to add a link to his site: SimShaker Family — SimShaker

Stable: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Beta: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Please keep in mind, I’m the dev of SSA and not the Sound Module which is a payware addon developed by Andre. You need this addon if you like to use a bass shaker for the effects…

You need to install the legacy version of the SimConnect client. You can try this:

I’m not allowed to give any kind of support in this thread/forum thus we could try the discord way: SimShaker For Aviators

Let’s see how this works out…

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Seems the onedrive link does not work, I have a not find error…

I updated the link, please check again

I’ve got simconnect.dll (the one that comes with MSFS 2020) in my FlightSimulator main directory. I’ve got the beta of SSA installed. It starts automatically when MSFS starts, but shows SimConnect with an X. What am I missing?

Hi Do I have to update Simshaker as well as the simconenct?

You need to install the legacy version of the SimConnect client. You can try this:

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Awesome! I got it to work! This is just sooo goood!


It is awesome. I have 2 Aura Pro transducers mounted under my ■■■■ and they are powered by a Dayton APA 150 2 channel amp. I can even feel the vibrations in my throttle, which is mounted to the seat. It’s really got me thinking about getting a 5 channel amp and some more transducers so I can mount them near my pedals.

SimShaker’s canned effects are really quite good, and I’ve felt no need to fiddle with them. At least my motherboard’s onboard sound has something to do with it’s life, now.


What’s wrong with the MSFS SimConnect? I’ve never used it before, but it was my understanding that it would be compatible with the old version.

What do you mean?

@WaldoP3pper, Any recommendations on a 5 channel amp?

Is installing the legacy version of SimConnect going to effect anything else that wants to connect to the new FS2020 SimConnect, like SPAD.neXt.

You’re telling people to install the legacy SimConnect instead of the version that comes with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just wondering if there’s a reason for it.

Sorry, I meant to say that I was thinking about a 4 channel amp. Right now I’m running a Dayton Audio APA 150 2 channel amp with 2 Aura Pro shakers (2x 75 watts RMS for the amp and the shakers are good for 100 per channel). I bought them from “Parts Express” in a bundle, and they are still available as a bundle for $227 usd. I think I’m just going to cheap out, buy another bundle, and run 2 APA 150’s considering the price of an amp and the transducers. The bundle seems fairly economical.

I’ve also looked at just cheap 4 channel amps on Amazon, because it’s not like we’re listening to fine audio. I was looking at anything that’s listed as “Amazon’s Choice”, like the Pyle PTA44BT.

I’m not expert though, just an end users. I can say that 2 transducers (1 under each ■■■ cheek) is awesome with SimShaker, so adding some to the pedals seems like a natural idea. Good luck whatever path you choose.

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Pyle PTA44BT @ amazon

Where can I find the installer for the MSFS SimConnect client?

Ok, might work also with the manual .dll installation. Anyone eager to try it?

I didn’t manage to get this working with the FSX version of SimConnect. Installation was ok, but still red X in SSA.

I’m willing to help in debugging. Just PM me.

You could try to copy the SimConnect.dll from the SDK to the SSA installation folder…

I’m currently not at home and thus can not really help…