SimShaker for Aviators - Thread from the Dev

Yeah i dont think it was the sound setting per say. I had everything at the default 50%, but i feel like even 65 to 75 isnt a huge leap. It worked well in the past.

I just bought Buttkicker Gamer Plus. It allows registering on manufacturer site and downloading Hapticonnect Flight Pack, which is easy to setup via USB connection to the Buttkicker amp. The software connects to the sim, and reacts to similar events (engine, runway rumble, suspension, flaps etc.) like the Simshaker for Aviaitors.

Should I also consider Simshaker (paid), Simshaker for Aviattors, separate sound card (paid) + somehow complex setup vs. the Buttkicker Hapticonnect with just one piece of the software and USB connection.

What are the advantages of Simshaker combo over the Hapticonnect Flight?

How far down from max volume does everyone set the handheld controller ?
Having a hard time judging whats “realistic”.

Is there a way to program the keyboard or joystick input to “mute” the buttkicker while in msfs, useful at prolonged pauses?

Just to report that Buttkicker Gamer Plus amplifier can be connected to the PC via USB and then appears to Windows as separate sound card. So you no longer need to buy a sound card to use Simshaker for Aviators + Simshaker Sound Module.
You can even use Buttkicker Hapticonnect Flight software (downloadable for free if you buy Gamer Plus), but the Simshaker still provides better results and more control.

The paid flight addon from Buttkicker + free Hapticonnect is very good

If you buy new Buttkicker Gaming Plus or Pro, you have a choice for free Hapticonnect for Flight or Track (for sim racing). So if you use only flight sims you don’t need to pay. As I also use Project Cars 2, I paid $5 for the module supporting this game.