SimtoolkitPro and Volanta Discussion

Hey Guys,

I have been playing around with Volanta and SimtoolkitPro and trying out some of the features of each. I think there’s room for both, but one of my main questions that came up in my research is:

-What’s the quality of SimtoolkitPro’s real world schedules and why is Volanta attempting to charge for something that is currently free elsewhere?

STKP makes it so easy to find a real-world flight by airline and length of flight, then run a preflight prep on it through SimBrief. It also puts Navigraph, Skyvector and other resources right at your fingertips.

I really like the clean layout of Volanta and I am glad that both allow data migration so that we can continue to use both as we see fit.

Wondering what others think.

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