Simulate Tower/Flyby Views

Is there a way to simulate Tower and Flyby views using the drone camera mode? Is there a video somewhere on how to do this? I’m not having much luck in my attempts. Thanks!

There is an existing Wishlist item if you’d like to participate in that matches your request.

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There is a Flight Recorder. Filbert Flies did a video review of it. I use it as well and it works well but it isn’t perfect. MSFS 2020 | FREE Replay Tool - Flight Recorder - YouTube

Yes, I am aware of this (I’m subscribed to that thread). But this is not what I am asking for. In many of the “cinemas” on YouTube the creator is doing tower and flyby views with the current software. I’m looking for a “how to” video for how this is done.

Yes, looking for something like that.

Just a heads up that we moderators don’t have control over what goes into the sim. If you are interested in tower and flyby views, be sure to vote for it in that Wishlist topic if you haven’t already.

You can also browse other #legacy-fsx Wishlist topics if you are interested in having other FSX features in the sim.

You can position the drone cam where you want it and turn off “follow” and turn on the lock to aircraft mode. Then when you fly past you just switch to drone cam and the camera should pan on you as you fly past.

Not sure if this is what you’re after.

it takes time to set up a pass - get the camera where you want it and then manage to fly past it and so forth…not like FSX or every other flight sim that gives you a one button fly-by view - but it does work

Thank you!

I never like this view system much at all.

Well except for the custom saved view positions, that is similar to X Plane. I was the one who suggested that in the original Beta program, 2 years ago.

I would like to see the view system get a total makeover.

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