Simulate Water Depths

Hi Guys,

I found out that water depth is not implemented yet. Because the water is flat and not deep like in real life. Because when you run out of fuel and you’re gonna down to land in the ocean or another water is your only option to make a emergency water landing. But in the MSFS 2020 looks a emergency water landing like, that you are landed on a runway with water texture or with flat water. I can imagine that the emergency water landing would be a really good Landing challenge for the MSFS 2020.

Best regards Legendsy

JESUS!!! Why is J+e+s+u+s cencored! Oh my God, holy ghost, by mother Maria, in heavens name!?!?


WOW i didn’t no that you can land on water, are they becoming Runways now LMFAO :rofl: :joy: :grin:

The Ocean,Water ist now our Airport when we cant find an another Airport for landing :joy: :rofl:

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I totally get why you want this and it would be nice to have it at some stage.

However, like another poster above I think that there are other more pressing matters which I feel need to be addressed first e.g. aircraft systems, SDK, weather, even helicopters.