Simulated Catapult Take-off

Step 1: Choose your aircraft and get to a runway. (747 on a short paved just for fun (Saba?).)
Step 2: Ready to fly - your on the runway.
Step 3: Release brakes (Left CTRL + Num Del)
Step 4: Press the pause key (Top right of my keyboard)
Step 5: Max Throttle
Step 6: Wait while your airspeed increases while you go nowhere.
Step 7: Airspeed will max around 260.
Step 8: Press the pause key again.

You will go from standstill to 260 kts in the blink of an eye. It’s a hoot.

You can do this in reverse too.
Straight and Level flight at altitude, pause, pull power, wait till airspeed drops to zero, pause. You fall like a rock. Great for stall recovery training!!!

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