Simulated Economy with AI Traffic better then Live traffic?

I been reading that there are still issues the developer are trying to work out for the Real Life traffic to be properly integrated.

People want live traffic cause they want a living world and so far no one has realize this is a problem that has not been addressed. Implementing life traffic in the game from the real world does not bring it closer to a living world. Since its very limited to how you interact with it. And is this what players just want and nothing more??

People will be asking??
What would be the point of a simulation game of it being a living world??? What do you mean by it???

Will FSTraffic and other add on be useless??
No if possible it can be updated and be intergrated into this AI driven economy and if possible be coverted so it become interactive and adds to the economy. :slight_smile: So players can still see the live traffic but they will be so much more traffic to see in the game. :slight_smile:

Create an AI server that runs the economy and populate the world with AI traffic that consist of NPC from transportation to sims in the world.

AI Speciality in engineering needed to be hired for this to work and has experience on creating such an AI system.

Traffic AI server to manage a realistic and dynamic universe through in-world actions by NPCs. It will access to all backend services and actively manipulates game data in real-time to adjust to the needs of the simulate earth.

The Traffic AI server observe the actions of hundreds of thousands of lightweight NPCs. Each NPC has its own desires, skills, jobs, and inventory, but without the overhead of things like pathfinding, animations, or even geometry. This AI server represent the rich background world of the Flight Sim that the player is a part of, and it will use these NPC to create contextually appropriate NPCs or events for the player to interact with.

The system allows us to add resources and locations of interest that will spur the NPC system to move about the world, complete tasks, and affect those actions by adjusting variables (ex. resources, wages, factories, disasters). The System will be making the same choices as players make, choosing between jobs in the air industry, security, goods, emergency. Like players, the AI System will also generate mission content, such as a NPC needing to deliver good from one location to the next.

The real magic with this AI system is that it’s not just an NPC simulator player actions will feed back into the system to influence what kinds of jobs, trades, and actions all the AI system choose to take. Player choices and activity are all fed back to this AI system to influence the behavior of the world real-time and make the world a living, reactive place.

With ambitions as big as Microsoft Flight 2020, The AI system is the tool that will keep the development team ahead of the game and focused on balancing the universe so that it’s always full of engaging content and still internally consistent.

This will take a lot of time to do but in the end it will be a better solution for the years to come that will be enjoyed for a long time. Then trying to find a solution of having Live traffic which you cannot interact with.

I can show an example if anyone is interested to see how it works? :slight_smile: