Simulator Chat Suggestion (Cross Platform)

Does anyone know if there is a place on the forum or somebody I can contact in terms of suggestion for future input into the simulator?

I feel a chat box in the simulator would really help communities and further more xbox and pc players to connect.

There could also been an option to disable the chat for those who do not want to be notified or use the chat in the simulator.



Hello @NeonFS2020,
The wishlist subcategory is for community voting of features. The wishlist is here #self-service:wishlist

Before creating a new wish, search the list for existing topics. Creating a duplicate splits votes.

There is a current wish on your suggestion that you may contribute to:

No! Terrible idea! If they implemented that I would immediately deactivate it.

Maybe a “Chat or Voice Connect with a Flying Buddy” Addon from a 3rd party would be more appropriate ? Something outside of the MSFS system that allows chat or voice connection. Maybe using the comm settings for voice ? Several times a buddy and I have flown in our hometown area wishing we could talk over the comm radios rather than our cells or a annoying app.

Or try Teamspeak.

Current Wishlist Topic. Any posts can be directed to there.