Simulator loosing connection only in one payware airport?

This one’s odd for me.

I recently bought inibuilds queenstown airport, and whenever I’m on the runway, the simulator loses connection for some reason I can’t understand. It doesn’t happen in any other airport. I’ll happen if I take off from it, or if I land after a 3 hour flight… it won’t happen when I take off from another airport.

It’s extremely gamebreaking as the messages makes all my inputs stop working until I acknowledge the message. You can tell how critical this is during takeoffs or landings.

Has anyone encountered something similar before?

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Not helpful for you, but I have no problems there. Amazing place to fly to or from!

For what it’s worth, I get a much higher incidence of connection issues when flying in New Zealand than elsewhere in the world. In particular I seem to get a lot of issues when flying between NZWN and NZNS and the surrounding area. Often it seems to occur on short final, which is not ideal given the error takes the focus off the controls and leaves you on a lawn-dart trajectory to the ground!

I don’t pretend to understand the cause of this problem but I’ve heard reference to it being variously related to your physical location (i.e. how your ISP handles the flow of data from the MS servers to you) or some specifics about your virtual location (possibly related to the amount of aerodrome locations in the vicinity).

Whatever the cause is, it would be nice to see it resolved, or at the very least, have the error message handle more gracefully so that you aren’t left powerless to control the aircraft at critical phases of flight.

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Hey there, I appreciate the response. And while I know it may be frustrating to you as well, it’s comforting to know it’s not an isolated issue for New Zealand overall.

It’s funny, I remember flying in NZ before as I love going out of Milford Sound which is very close to Queenstown without issue… but flying to and from Queenstown is disconnect hell.

Have you tried caching the region into manual cache?

I have, but it makes no difference.

Ok, thanks.

Hey guys, digging up this old topic: disconnection errors when flying in NZ

These have PLAGUED my NZ flying to the point where I just didn’t bother flying here, which is a shame. A few days ago it occurred to me that I hadn’t tried disabling the ORBX NZ mesh. So I removed it from my community folder and what do you know, no more disconnection errors. I have had over a year of NZ flights that 100% (no jokes: EVERY TIME) had the disconnection errors, usually in predictable places like short final at NZWN. Over three days I’ve done 5 flights with the ORBX scenery removed from the community folder and have had ZERO disconnects. Just curious if anyone else had considered/tried this, and found the same? It’s sad not to be able to use the ORBX mesh but in my case at least, it seems to be the guilty party. Hopefully the NZ world update incorporates the mesh but without the disconnects. Meantime, I’m sacrificing the improved terrain depiction for a less frustrating sim experience. Interested in folks’ thoughts.