Simulator not picking up latest updates available to install

It’s been a good while since I last booted up the sim (talking 6 months). Previously had an issue where it was looping “An update is available” but MS store not offering said update but reset/repair of gaming services resolved that.

What I now have is the sim stuck on v I’m trying to install all the latest world updates that I’ve missed in my time away but the version it is stuck on is too low to support these. It’s telling me I’m missing the Minimum Game Version.

The check for updates screen on boot doesn’t pick up the update, nor can I pick it up on the MS Store.

I’ve removed anything I had in my community folder.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get my sim to pull the latest version?

The forum search feature would be your friend here, this has come up countless times with countless messages being posted about this…

Install the xbox app from the MS store, log in to it then try again… it might be necessary to restart your pc etc. before the update may show in the MS store.

I already had the Xbox app on my PC. Tried an uninstall and reinstall to no avail

Launch xbox insider hub app and leave preview.
Restart PC.

Definitely the Xbox app you have, not the Xbox companion?

You could also try resetting the MS store cache.
In the MS store manually check for updates.
Also in MS store go to ‘my library’, select MSFS, then click on the three dots next to the launch button, and select update from there.
Log out of any MS services, e.g. the store, your Microsoft account, the Xbox app etc., reboot then log back into them.
Run the Xbox app and see if there are any updates for MSFS being offered there.
Try running windows in a clean-boot state to rule out anything running g in the background causing a problem.
Make sure you’ve updated windows.