Simulator will not load after the Fly button is pressed

Simulator takes 12 minutes to load to home page and then when I hit the FLY button it will not load. HELP

@CurtList1920663 A warm welcome to the forums.

I wonder if you have had a look at this thread (and in particular the post in the thread I linked) to see if that may be a relevant factor.


I’ve been having a similar problem recently. I am currently using SU9 Beta In my case, it is very reproducible. I found a workaround, but it would be nice to have a solution. Here’s what I’m seeing. At the World Map screen, I

  • Select the default Cessna C208B Grand Caravan EX
  • In Liveries, select FedEx Feeder (downloaded from, installed in Community folder)
  • Set the Weight and Balance to about 90% fuel and payload
  • Select Flight Conditions and verify Multiplayer OFF, Air Traffic LIVE or OFF, and Weather LIVE
  • Load a flight plan that I created with LNM, verifying departure, start location, destination, and route are correct
  • Wait until I see the wind direction and speed appear on the departure airport tile
  • Press FLY

At this point, the loading screen appears, progress jumps to about 40%, and that’s it. The messages no longer cycle along the bottom. The game is now frozen. I must use Task Manager to kill it.

The workaround to all of this (after restarting in Normal mode) is to skip the livery step and use the default livery. When I do this, I can load into the game. If I now exit and repeat the steps above, I can get into the game with the selected livery. It’s like it needs something to be loaded from the default/base aircraft before it can load another livery from the Community folder.

Note, this happens with the FBW A320 as well.

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