Simulators with SU7 crashes when moving changing internal view

Changing the camera in internal view completly crashes the sim.
It’s not systematic, but often arrives when changing to the upper view in cockpit.
No overclocking, DX11, community folder is empty and using T16000 with severals planes

Does anyone else has this issue ?

I’m having reproducible hangs, in almost every flight, when I use one of the hat switches on my X52 to change cockpit views.
Community folder is empty.

Yes, it happens when using the “hat switch” of my T16000. Reset with defauft settings for the T160000 didn’t change anything. By “crash”, i wanted to say i must use task manager to kill the fs2020 application because it hangs definitly. Very strange…

Yes, this is the 'next pilot position 'bug.

Only occurs when you trigger that action from the default cockpit view.

Workaround is to unbind NPP action (mapped by default to the up on a hat switch for cockpit view).

Thanks for the info and workaround.
Is this bug new in SU7 or is it from before that?
Yesterday post-update is the first time I’d seen it.

since yesterday!

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new for me as well. Will try to unbind NPP as stated here.

Im voting this as well. This is extremely frustrating especially when trying to land as I often toggle views within the cockpit.


Known issue. I hope they hotfix this soon…

Does anyone have trouble with reset to defaults every time you start up MSFS on SU7?

I have this issue but so far it only appears to be at one airport LFMN.

Me too with the Thrusmaster Airbus changing view totally crashes…

I have the same problem

Me too! Panning around also causes the sim to crash. Ryzen apu with RTX here.

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I have the same problem

Hi folks, iv’e got the same problem. Here with Ryzen 9, RTX3080 and 32GB together withTHRUSTMASTER AIRBUS edition. Every toogle of the views causes a crash with errorcode 0x5104. It makes me crazy. This occures since the last update. Thank you Asobo.

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Happened to me 10+ times over the past few days. Hope this gets fixed ASAP as it’s ruining almost every flight.

I was getting the same, switched to dx12 for a test and it didn’t CTD when switching camera view

Try rolling back your Nvdia drivers to 496.76. The current driver has a glitch.


This fixed it for me. Thanks.