SimUpdate #3 - March 4 - still on schedule?

Is it now if SIM UPDATE #3 is still on schedule for the March 4th release date ?

Did the delay in the UK Update release, cause the Sim Update #3 to slip ??


I think they mentioned in the last Q&A that it’s likely it will be delayed.

Yes, and that was before the last delay, so I expect it could be a couple of weeks later than planned. Should find out tomorrow with the dev blog?

Thanks – I missed that Q&A … OH well, EVERYTHING (or at least, some things) come to those who wait .

Hoping for some significant “FIXES” in this #3 Update :slight_smile:


So should we live with taxi light bug for a couple of weeks more? And if they don’t fix this problem on Sim Update 3, then we still have to live with that in a couple of months!

Well, if a few rogue taxi light’s are #1 BUG you are facing, I would say “LUCKY YOU” !!

Most if us could probably list 10+ other “Flying: In The Air” Current Bugs that we consider to be far more critical than a few taxi lights being “out of place” at the airport.



“a few rogue taxi light’s are #1 BUG you are facing”

Where have you been? A new bug after Wolrd Update III has broken many 3rd-party products and affect their selling. Many users and developers are upset and not happy with that and the bug got more that 200 votes within a week, and you told me “a few rogue taxi light”!


Yea well you see, that was what you complained about first. That’s how English works, we can’t read all the other things in your head unless you write them out for us. But yes, a few taxi lights are the least of anyone’s problems.

After the update I have no doubt that another 1 or 2 items will be re-broken. I hope I get proven wrong on this…I hope laminar research come out with something substantial scenery, weather and environment soon. Its really the only thing keeping me here…


Amen Brother

Sorry, I should not be rude here since this is your own topic.

But for a bug like this, it would be really bad if it is on waiting list for a couple of weeks or couple of months because other bugs are more critical as you said/thought.

A photo of another user on taxiway light bug topic. (Narita Airport of Drzewiecki Design)

I have the same problem with FlyTampa KLAS, Asobo handcrafted KATL, and many other add-ons. And not many developers are happy with that! :grinning:

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I would think the taxi and object lighting bugs should be a top priority since developers are fielding a lot of complaints that they’re not responsible for. Not too mention-it’s really annoying to fly into airports that are infested with these obnoxious dots.


I think Im more annoyed with the flight model bug at this point. I can deal with a few cosmetic annoyances.


I strongly disagree. I would like to see a good flight experience first and foremost…


You can’t have that now? Make the adjustment to the .cfg file and bam, problem solved. The flaps issue isn’t the end of the world. But the goofy lighting glitch when clouds are present is a pretty big deal for me. I don’t like seeing the plane covered in a white film, or having streamers floating from objects as I pass them. Talk about an experience killer.

Its not just the .cfg file. Thats just one of the many holes we have to stick our finger in…lots of other areas need attention and I feel that " non-straight" lights are lower on their “back log”

Edit: sorry I thought were talking about taxi lights…yes the light outline issue should never have happened to begin with…one of the reasons I’m concerned about the next update.


Prior to the World Update 3 delays, Sim Update 3 was scheduled to be launched this week, if memory serves me correctly. The official schedule has pushed SU3 back only 1 week, despite the nearly 3 weeks delay for WU3.

We’ll likely find out tomorrow with the Dev Update if that gets rescheduled to a later date.

bonjour qu’elqu’un peut m’aider svp?
j’ai telecharger et j’ai installer uk update mais il me s’emble que la photogrametry ne fonctione pas maglré que tous les paramettre data sont sur ON j’ai tous essayé je ne sais pas quoi faire

If different teams work on different areas of the sim, as we’re always reminded of when people start complaining about world updates, why then is the sim update delayed?

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Well, it was originally planned to be released yesterday, hope they will stick with the 4th and not pushing it back again, if not I do not see the point of the recent roadmap change from 23th to 4th.

I’ll go on record and say that I’ll eat one slice of pizza for every week this sim update is delayed. You have my word.

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