Simvars 'MASTER CAUTION ACTIVE ' and 'MASTER WARNING ACTIVE' do not work on Helicopters

I’m developing the AW139 twin engine helicopter using part of the integrated avionics of the CJ4 because it is very similar to the Phase7 integrated avionics of this helicopter, unfortunately some Simvars are usable only for Airplane and not for Helicopters, in particular 'MASTER CAUTION ACTIVE ’ and ‘MASTER WARNING ACTIVE’. To do some tests I tried to import CJ4 avionics in many Airplane and Helicopters like CabriG2,Bell407,etc…, on all the Airplane it works correctly but on any Helicopter the variables don’t work. Do you know if these and other variables will be available for Helicopters into the new SU12?

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Thanks so much for your help!