SimWorks Studios and PILOT'S Dash 7!

This video is easy to understand, but it uses reverse when the main gear touches the ground.
However, full reverse seems to occur after the nose gear touches the ground.

Yes Sir, that works. Thanks a lot!

Tried Ungeneer’s mod. Felt slightly better imho.
For some reason I felt like it slowed a bit faster on FNL as well.
Side-effect :wink:

Anyway, some other bugs (Air Tindi pms750 livery):

  • ADF needle is 180 wrong. Points away, instead of to. At Yellowknife.
    At Nome it showed correctly to…

  • Some altitude discrepancy between needle and indicated altitude (correct altimeter/QNH set). Needle shows (2)740. Altt window 2790. I think it starts off correctly. But at destination there is a discrepancy. One of them not updating QNH?

  • AP a bit unreliable. Sometimes it refuses to select HDG mode. NAV working (GPS/VOR). When stable on track NAV mode, HDG works again (trying to reproduce it).
    ALTSEL flashes briefly, then goes black. But it still captures set alt.
    Flew the BC-LLZ beautifully at Nome though.

Left Tip is Tank 1
Left Main is Tank 2
Right Main is Tank 3
Right Tip is Tank 4

Works perfectly fine here in flight.

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Again, this is not reverse at touchdown!
The copi moves the power levers to the disc position.
He applies just a tiny bit of reverse below 60kts.

I’ll see if I can upload a few of my own stone age VHS Videoclips to you tube where you can see and here how reverse taxi on the Dash7 sounds.

Weird that they didn’t use the speed bugs.

I didn’t know about the existence of DISC, so I thought anything below IDLE was Reverse.
Judging from the words, does this mean that the propeller pitch becomes zero, which is the opposite of feathering, and the propeller drag is maximized and used as a brake?

Yes , nearly exactly. Due to the twisted angles design of props the actual beta angle is not necessarily zero but the thrust nearly is zero at this disc position. Simplified - From flight idle to disc there is forward thrust, below disc there is reverse thrust.

The DISC. position is written in capital letters on the power lever quadrant. :wink:

@JayDee6281 The zero thrust blade ange is at a conserable higher pitch and also required a bit of torque, it’s a power setting, not a prop blade angle.

As the name implies and @karuchie correctly observed, at discing the prop is creating maximum drag, without the application of (reverse) power.

Ah, ok, Thanks for the insight.


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The prop angle is covered in the Air Pelita manual. The chart should be turned 90 degree to the left to see it with the air flow coming from the left.
Apparently DISC is -3.2 degrees. Every setting below 11 degrees (beta range) is controlled by the power lever (and limited by the flight idle gate). As discussed above the ground range operation isn’t modelled very well.


Oh, then I was right. Thanks.

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Nobody denied that. It’s just the zero thrust blade angle term that’s incorrect this context.

JayDee2681 Would you be able to prepare your adjustments to beta range as a mod and publish it on, please? For some reason I can’t get it to work :frowning:

Then I missunderstood your reply. Sorry. Please remember I am not an native english speaker.

I appreciate any feedback though, especiallyif I really am wrong^^. Cheers

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Theoretically I could, but pilots is putting out some frequent patches, and I just could not keep the mod up to date. And this would lead to more confusion.
Pilots stated, that they are looking to implement a better Beta range, so I hope and honestly I am confident even, that this doesnt takes too long.

Until then anybody feel free to use my code for making and publishing a mod (no credits necessary etc.).


Not a native English speaker either, that might easily contribute to the problem :wink:


I have an alternative mod which might work for you - I make no claim to it being any better than JayDee’s mod, or more realistic than Pilot’s original setup in any way - all I wanted was easier ground handling/taxi operations using my Logitech Flight Yoke System with throttle quadrant and CH Pro Pedals.
If any of the features mentioned below are completely unrealistic to anyone out there, DON’T USE IT and don’t bother complaining to me about it!
All this mod does is reduce the idle prop rpm (in the absence of a working DISC detent on the throttle levers) when moving all four Condition levers to the Low Flow detent - reverse thrust power is not affected, neither is cruise thrust at altitude.
On the ground, with all four Condition levers at the Low Flow detent, you’ll need a small amount of throttle to get moving from a standing start, and to keep moving into the wind or up a gradient. On the level you can return all four throttle levers to FLT IDLE and the taxi speed will be between 15-20kts ground speed. Downwind or down a gradient, you’ll need to brake occasionally to keep below 25kts ground speed.
In the air and on final approach with gear down and full flaps, if you move all four throttle levers to FLT IDLE and all four Condition levers to LOW FLOW, you can pitch down as much as 1000fpm and still need a small amount of throttle to maintain airspeed for a Short Landing.
Once again, folks - if any of this sounds completely unrealistic to you, DON’T USE IT and don’t bother complaining to me about it!
Here’s the mod then:
Using Notepad, open the engines.cfg file in: Community\pilots-aircraft-dhc7\SimObjects\Airplanes\PILOTS_DHC7
Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
In the middle of the list you’ll see these four lines:

low_idle_n1 = 71
high_idle_n1 = 72
high_n1 = 100 ; 101.6 normal
low_idle_n2 = 70.0

Replace them with these four lines:

low_idle_n1 = 41 ; 71
high_idle_n1 = 50 ; 72
high_n1 = 100 ; 101.6 normal
low_idle_n2 = 40 ; 70.0

Finally, in the [TURBOPROP_ENGINE] section at the bottom of the page, look for this line:

n1_to_shaft_torque_table = 0:0, 71:0.25, 72:0.20, 100:1.1, 110:1.01 ; Corrected N1 → Shaft Torque

Replace it with these two lines:

;n1_to_shaft_torque_table = 0:0, 71:0.25, 72:0.20, 100:1.1, 110:1.01 ; Corrected N1 → Shaft Torque
n1_to_shaft_torque_table = 0:0, 40:0.03, 75:0.75, 100:1.1, 110:1.01

And that’s all there is to it. Save and close Notepad, launch the sim and try it out!

Or simply set a vernier lever to 'hold reverse thrust" (can set a button too, but easier with a vernier you don’t have to hold down).
Pulling it - throttle works in reverse.
Push in - normal throttle with idle at idle detent.

Why does this plane go down so quickly on take off? it’s difficult to get it stable in the air, at least for me…

Do you have your condition levers all the way forward? They need to be.

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