SimWorks Studios announced development of Kodiak 100

Can’t say I particularly listened for them pre this update but I do know that before this update the ignition was permanently on because of a bug. You could do a lo start previously without the ignition switch on and it would start. This has been fixed with this update. If you say you heard it come on previously then I can only assume that the sound was linked to the switch rather than the actual state of the ignition. Perhaps the sound trigger got missed with the ignition fix.

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Arent we always supposed to start the plane on LO when it has been sitting cold?

My impression was HI was when connected to external power and LO was used when working from internal batteries.

However I am not a real world Kodiak pilot so may have that confused with another aircraft.

EDIT: OK I was half right. This is what the manual says:

LO START. The two aircraft batteries perform the start sequence in parallel.

HI START. Though HI START results in faster light off, cooler starting
temperatures, and lower stresses on the engine, it depletes the batteries
more quickly. The Master Control Unit (MCU) initiates the start with the two
batteries in parallel and then, as the starter current decays to a pre-determined
value, the batteries are switched into series to feed the starter. The resultant
48 volts appear only at the starter and nowhere else in the electrical system.

The inrush current and impact torque on the accessory gears is significantly
reduced and the engine acceleration is faster, which results in reduced peak
inter-turbine temperatures at startup.

If a ground power unit is available, an external power start should be
performed on the first flight of the day or if maintenance has been performed
on the aircraft involving the use of the aircraft electrical system. Even if
24 volts is shown on the voltmeter, the battery condition may be less than

If a ground power unit is not available, a LO/MOTOR START should be
selected on the first flight of the day, or if maintenance has been performed
on the aircraft involving the use of the aircraft electrical system. LO/MOTOR
START should also be selected and is recommended if a HI START is
attempted without successful light-off, and no external power is available.

The LO START cycle does not consume as much battery power for continued
attempts to start the engine.


In the various checklists, I think there’s mention of LO only for first start after maintenance and when no ground power is available. Otherwise HI is preferred.

But the official POH states that:

It is recommended to use the LO/MOTOR function to start the aircraft for the first
flight of the day.

With the following description:

The LO/MOTOR function of the starter switch is provided for an alternate method
of starting the engine when battery condition is poor, clearing fuel from the engine,
dry-motoring of the engine for compressor washes and other maintenance-related
procedures. The ignition system is not automatically energized when LO/MOTOR is
selected, and the batteries remain in parallel with each other to maintain 24 volts to the
starter/generator while the switch is placed in this position.

So go figure. But the main question may be: does it make any difference to MSFS if one is used instead of the other? I would assume it doesn’t.

edit: just saw the updated previous comment. If it’s only a matter of wearing down engine and batteries, then it’s not relevant with MSFS as none of these things is simulated accurately and obviously there’s no in-game wear and tear between flights. Heck, there’s not even state saving in 99% of the MSFS aircraft out there (JF’s Pipers being one of the very few exceptions). State saving should be a must in every aircraft that defines itself as self-study because it’s completely feasible, whereas gradual wear depends a lot on API capabilities which I’m not sure are there yet.


New G1000 NXi version is out (0.11) so it’s advised to update it from the sim! At first glance it works fine but I haven’t touched it deeply.

There are reports about “Altitude” not working properly for some users. I would refer to the NXi thread first before upgrading. It is being investigated at the moment:

Fortunately, this doesn’t appear to be a universal issue, and it one of those things that emptying the Community folder will fix.

Really hoping we can get some proper feedback on LOD2 issue now. Is there any way to convince SWS that baking this out was a bad idea? I mean we should not have to have a dumbed down plane because of XBOX especially one we already had that was working fine.

Just sitting cold on apron you can see the screens are off. Move the drone camera back ten feet and bam purple faked screens replacing our beautiful Kodi LOD2. Now the only reason I am miffed here is because it had the best external LOD in the entire sim. Now they are baking it down.

Can’t you just put the faked LOD2 on XBOX version and keep PC the same? I have already reverted to last build but moving forward we will have to mod the KODI out on PC to continue with it having proper LODS. Technically there is no issue with the new LOD per say it just looks horrible. Especially at night when the screens go purple and light up the plane. I honestly can’t stand it. Whoever modelled the plane must be quite dis satisfied as I know the art team is not happy with the change.

So I urge you to listen to feedback here and do not dumb this plane down. I’m begging you as I love this plane.

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Might want to jump over to the SWS Discord channel. That is very active, and gets responses daily.

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Honestly man I left all discords today I am tired of being flamed for feedback and bug reports and trying to help people fix crashing and boost performance. I’m just done with it. I can’t even bring myself to fly today I have been harassed so much lately. Like development in the 90’s im disconnecting from most channels. Since I am not a tester I have to dump data here. Not my choice but it’s my only outlet and even this is being threatened now. Anyways back on topic and just hope SWS is listening and I know they are but yeah. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Couple of random questions on the auto pilot.

  • The yaw damper YD notification comes on when you hit the YD button but I do not see much difference, is this implemented ?
  • Hitting the Level button cause LVL to flash for one second and turn off again even in a severe bank, is this implemented?
  • changing flaps with the AP enabled seems to cause a delayed flap-trim compensation that kicks in when you disable the AP, is this working as expected?

I noticed this with NXi version of the G1000 today as well. I only tried it again today because of yesterday’s 0.11.0 update.

In addition to LVL not working in the Kodiak with the latest NXi the terrain doesn’t display on map in the center console (but it does work with the NXi in the C172).

I checked the model and LOD2 has nothing that is supposed to appear purple. On SU7 it worked fine (no, you didn’t have this version for SU7). I don’t know what it is that causes it, but seems to be SU8 related. If I didn’t get it before, why is it there now?

However, the LOD system in MSFS seems to have changed and we don’t have control over it.

I can confirm that i saw purple screens yesterday when cold & dark and moving the drone camera away.

I’ve seen that on other aircraft so it’s definitely sim related (purple screens).

As for the LOD, and in sort of a response to another post, not quite sure how it’s the fault of Xbox but people find it a convenient scapegoat for their niggles and gripes, it seems.

I have the Kodiak on the Series X and it looks fantastic.

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Do you have a picture?

I can probably take one. Of which item?

of the mfd

Is it purple or pink? Related to missing texture at that lod?

I always keep old versions of planes, so I can flip between them to test stuff. I haven’t yet upgraded so I can quickly check the purple screen thing first with the old version, then try the new version.