SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 one the best aircraft for MSFS 2020

Hey all, having some confusion with radnav on the Kodiak. I have dialed in two VORS for my course, one on NAV1 and the other on NAV2. Both needles are working as expected when I select them with the CDI button cycling through VOR1/VOR2/GPS.

However for the life of me I can’t find a way to see DME to VOR1. Pressing the BEARING 1/BEARING2 softkeys seems to cycle between NAV1 with bearing and no DME, NAV2 with bearing AND DME, ADF, then GPS. IOW I can get NAV2 with DME but not NAV1?

Then selecting the DME softkey seems to give me a datablock with NAV1, but there is no DME indicated.

What the heck am I missing here?

Guadalupe VOR is not a VORDME as per LNM

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Well then don’t I feel like a ■■■■■. Thanks! Entering a new world of stuff to learn.

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Just a tip: also hated the knobs on the G1000s.
Then bought this:
So much easier and immersive to use the G1000 now (no, I have nothing to do with Octavi).
Other peripherals available too…

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I’ve been thrown a few times by GLJ, don’t feel too badly about it!

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That thing would be a NIGHTMARE to use in VR.

Thankfully despite my whining a while back, I realized that the PMS version of the GTN750 I have can be used also be used as a separate thing from the MSFS toolbar. So now I just open that and place it on the left of the cockpit (just under the backup gauge thing… forget the name) and use it when I need to enter waypoint names and such. Works a treat with the only exception being stupid MSFS that makes me reposition the window any time I go out and back in to VR mode.

i disagree- i built a similar one and its wonderful in VR… its always in the same place and theres few enough buttons that you can find them by feel very easily


Except what you built is very different from what they have built :slight_smile:

  1. It as you say is fixed in place
  2. It has less buttons, in a orderly fashion that you can blindly find what you need if neccesary
  3. the KEY thing: It doesn’t make use of complicated shift modes to cram more functionality into less buttons

I like what you made. I might do something similar at some point.

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yeah shift-modes are useless, my x-touch has that a/b button but in vr you cant tell which mode it’s in, so nothing is set up in b mode

That’s fantastic! Love the buttons. Mine is similar, but has six knobs and the buttons are hard plastic. However, it’s only able to do one screen.

Would you mind sharing how you got the PFD/MFD toggle to do the requisite switching? And how’d you print/apply the labels for the buttons?

I used a Teensy 2.0 arduino board, and that switch just adds 15 to all the other switch outputs. so 1->16, 2->17 and so on. I could have probably just used the conditions in SPAD but this seemed to make sense at the time.

The buttons and labels were made with the awesome Toner Transfer 3D printing technique:
read how here: FDM_TonerTransfer

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Does the switch occupy a single channel that changes a software condition, or is it wired to physically divert the knobs and buttons to a second set of inputs?

Thanks for the toner thing. I don’t have a 3D printer, but stuff like this makes me want to get into it!

yes the switch was on 1 of the inputs, and set a ‘pfd’ flag in software. button n pushed: if pfd, output n else output n+15


Great news, the new navigraph G1000 plugin is working in the kodiak! So finally we get charts etc on the displays. Nice job.

It even has simbrief flight plan download, although it’s rather hard to find (look for the Flight Plan Catalog option under FPL).