SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 one the best aircraft for MSFS 2020

FLC for climbs and generally VS for descent. You have less risk of stall using FLC but VS works if you keep an eye on the airspeed.


Always used FLC for climb and for decent i use VNAV and FLC. Just adjust the VS with the throttle when in FLC.

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Just spotted this beautiful Kodiak in Costa Rica. Love the livery. First time seeing one in person!


I have noticed you talking about how twitchy the Kodiak is as I caught up on a couple hundred posts in this thread to get back up to date, so I know this brings up a fairly old post.

But I wanted to add to your point.

I agree. It is Twitchy.

But I think it is a feature, rather than a bug. The wings are a bit far back for a high wing aircraft and the center of gravity is quite sensitive (in part because of where the wings are). And then there’s the torque! It isn’t as stable as its other peers. And that is by design.

It is a LOT to handle.

You can absolutely hand fly it. But there are other bush and STOL planes that will be more stable. The Twotter certainly is with those two engines and classic wing placement.

Where the Kodiak excels is its technology. So many great planes of this type are old and naturally aspirated.

So, I think of it as a sky Tesla. Way more power than most would need. And you can get in a LOT of trouble if you don’t know what you are doing. But that technology can really help you. The plane flys itself beautifully and that makes for a more comfortable experience for everyone on board. And that twitchy handling (I swear, it would almost benefit from a fly by wire system!) gives it remarkable maneuverability in rough terrain and for small landing strips.

It can be hand flown. Once you have learned the plane it can be very fun. But yeah, think of the passengers and cargo. It is a plane that really benefits from a good GPS and AP. I have flown so many places all year in this bird and I still often feel a sense of relief after takeoff and I have everything set and can let the computer take over until landing.

A real Jeckell and Hyde type of plane. And we need that Mr. Hyde side to hand fly and get everywhere in it. But Dr. Jeckell really should do most of the autopilot flying for you.

Unlike most bush planes, it was made to be a glass cockpit, and if you don’t use that G1000, there are other bush planes that are MUCH more stable for hand flying. The Kodiak is overpowered but it is not a hot rod, it is a Tesla. That glass is there to be used.


The Kodiak feels more like a real plane to me, not something on rails.


I find the Kodiak cake to fly, it feels like you’re flying what you’re flying better than anything else. Every time I switch back into it after some time in any other aircraft is a revelation.


Oh i am aware it is an AP bird, just saying that if the RL bird flew like the one i have in game we would see a lot of them crash on short strips.

It is really hairline edgy. We’ll have to agree to disagree because to me the flightmodel just seems overly sensitive.
Yes it is short, but it also is high wing with a very stable wing.

I don’t really care how good it flies on the G1000, as i handfly the critical phases namely takeoff and landing. G1000 is fine and it flies great on that.

We’ll see, i got a new stick the other day with a fair bit more travel (x55 swapped for a TM Airbus sidestick) so there is hope that dampens it a bit.

But it is what it is. Again i got my hours out of it, i just don’t agree on the FM. This thing has been broken on power and torque roll quite a few times.

Tbh there are real Kodiak pilots here i understand, why not set up a gopro and show how you trim it irl and clearly show the inputs of both rudder, yoke and trim?


I think we are saying much the same thing.

I just said it almost could benefit from a fly by wire system!

We don’t have to agree to disagree when you say, “It is hairline edgy.” :joy:

I just enjoy that aspect of this plane.

I’m also used to flying it with a yoke which may help with this bird.

Still twitchy though! I just blame the plane for being that way.

I love the Kodiak and have gotten quite used to it. I set some right rudder trim for takeoff, remove the aileron trim and apply no elevator trim (if empty). I am not a real life pilot so the true “feel” escapes me…but for the sim, I quite like flying it. I went back in a C208 the other day and could barely get it to do anything…lol.

I’d LOVE to see a real pilot post a video of his takeoff and landings, for comparison’s sake.

Check out the Missionary Bush Pilot.

No, it’s a bug, not a feature.
You can read all about it here: Best GA addon for "flying by numbers" - #4 by Sonicviz

The Kodiak is far from being accurate or “the best” in GA aircraft in the sim.
It is built and marketed as a STOL aircraft yet cannot perform this role due to issues with the flight model that started in early 2022 with updates that broke it, and still have not been fixed. If you just cruise around doing GA VFR sightseeing you will likely not notice these issues as you don’t go anywhere near the STOL flight envelope, but if you try to use it for it’s real purpose, STOL, you will be quickly educated as to how bad the Flight model is.

The devs are still trying to fix this.
Use the Milviz Porter or Caravan (Modded) instead if you want a reliable predictable modern turboprop for STOL work.

As for whether it’s difficult to fly in real life, I’ll defer to this article (Kodiak 100 Series II same as the MSFS wheeled version @ Kodiak 100 Series II for Microsoft Flight Simulator - SimWorks Studios):

"The airplane was a joy to fly at any speed. Slowing to 85 knots indicated, the Kodiak was easy to control. I slowed further. With no flaps, I brought the nose up to 58 knots, a full 12 knots below the start of the white arc, and still felt the ailerons respond. I could not get the airplane to break in the stall, but the 600 fpm descent showed that the wing was tired. With 20 degrees of flaps, I got a slight break at 44 knots, 5 knots below the red line.

The Kodiak’s benign stall characteristics can be credited to the wing design, which essentially consists of two separate sections, defined by the obvious wing cuff, to ensure airflow remains over the outer portion of the wing. The airplane definitely inspires confidence when flying in technical backcountry environments. Even though the seats in the Kodiak sit at least twice as high as in my Mooney, the landings were easy and smooth."

****Copy/Paste support thread from SWS discord on the still (all of 2022) broken FM issue with the Kodiak 100.

Pitch sensitivity.
— 20/10/2022 19:59
A discussion on Avsim mentioned the pitch sensitivity with the Kodiak compared to other aircaft, which I also experience. We are wondering if they plan on reducing that in one of the next hotfixes?
Alex Vletsas — 20/10/2022 20:06
We already reduced it a lot with 1.3.3. Does it still feel sensitive?
— 20/10/2022 23:10
I had dialed back the pitch sens awhile back, I will set it to what have in some other GA aircraft, and fly it tonight and see… There were two people this morning on Avsim, that mentioned that they thought it was too sensitive. Not sure if they ran the updates yet.
Martino — 21/10/2022 05:08
I’m using 1.3.3 and I’m using a Brunner FFB CLS-E Yoke. And even with 1.3.3 I have slight problems to control the liftoff at the start of the plane. There is a point around the takeoff speed where the plane does not leave the runway smoothly. At this point the nose goes up and I have to push down the yoke to hold the pitch. In most other planes, the plane leave the ground smoothly. At this point the plane is also very instable in pitch. I hope this description can help to tear down this problem.
Alex Vletsas — 21/10/2022 05:18
I think it has to do with the AP trimming up as soon as you cross 35kts and screwing up your trim.
BlazinMonk — 21/10/2022 16:04
I think the auto trim seems very aggressive. Empty weight: When transitioning climb to cruise, trim is still set for takeoff and it’s going up past VNE and nose down without elevator input. During approach phase, full flaps and trim set nose up (more up than take off) I landed the Kodiak with 85% power on and she still wanted to fall out of the sky. At no phase of flight did I ever have nose down trim and I struggled to keep my altitude.
Alex Vletsas — 21/10/2022 16:12
I’ll take a look at it for the next update. It won’t come as quickly as the hotfixes though. We’re doing flaps work, so that takes time.
Zippy The Pinhead — 21/10/2022 17:11
I think you should release a hotfix with the Flap Auto Trim system disabled, until you can get it to work properly.
At the moment it’s actually “dangerous” and a distraction, as much as that can be in a simulator, and is not helping at all. It might not be true to life with it not in there, but if it was malfunctioning like this in real life all planes would be grounded in an instant.
Alex Vletsas — 21/10/2022 17:21
It is not as simple as making a hotfix for it. It has to be re-tuned for the new flap performance. Disabling it could make the effect better or worse.
SWR120 — 21/10/2022 18:28
Not very sure, but I think there is a fuse for the electric trim. Pull that fuse would probably the temporary solution?
Zippy The Pinhead — 21/10/2022 18:39
No, you still need manual trim control, and the AP needs it too. This is a new system that was added to simulate the Flap Auto Trim system, but it’s a little buggy atm. Automatic Trim System - Kodiak 100 Series Information Manual [Page 371] | ManualsLib
Automatic Trim System - Kodiak 100 Series Information Manual [Page …
Kodiak 100 Series Manual Online: Automatic Trim System. To compensate for pitch trim changes when varying flap position, an automatic trim system is provided. The automatic trim system consists of an electric pitch trim actuator, an airspeed switch, the flap position potentiometer, the…
— 22/10/2022 00:21
Did a couple of flights today, and I think the pitch sensitivity seems normal.
Th3PerfectOn3 — 22/10/2022 08:49
I did few fight yesterday and it seam to be to excessive to me.
Martino — 23/10/2022 18:47
Tested also with this pitch trim fuse out and it’s the same problem. At around 60kts the plane pitch up too much at the slightest movement of the FFB Yoke. There is no feeling the planes get’s “light” on the ground and leave the ground smoothly like all other planes.
Alex Vletsas — 23/10/2022 19:02
Which plane, wheels or float?
Martino — 23/10/2022 19:21
At the moment I’ve only the wheels version.
It is a little bit better if I trim forward. But it’s hard to find the right trim spot, that this behaviour is better.
Alex Vletsas — 23/10/2022 19:43
Trim forward is a requirement on take off.
— 24/10/2022 01:01
On the Float version, I find that just a few clicks of forward trim produces a nice smooth lift off.
SWR120 — 24/10/2022 05:33
On what loading, TOW?
Rene Feijen — 25/10/2022 06:21
same for me
(without the Brunner…)
After leaving the runway the plane pitches up and kind of jumps in the air. I have takeoff trim nose down.
I have flown the Kodiak a lot, and learnt the developing 1000Nxi in it, but at the moment I find it difficult to do stable takeoff and approaches with it.
— 25/10/2022 06:35
What speed are you rotating at?
Rene Feijen — 25/10/2022 06:36
I feel very stupid but dont know by heart (I am at different PC), but at speed were the default R is…
(20221018.exe installer version)
and my forward trim is at the 9 o clock position, so 45 degr forward
Th3PerfectOn3 — 25/10/2022 12:44
I’m not sure if it’s kodiak or maybe live weather, but after the airplane update I find it very difficult to do stable approaches as well. Definitely things got harder in general control department for me. Also seams like trim Input on my HC alpha has a greater value it’s hard to stabilize it now. Not that’s it was easy before, but it jumps up and down a whole lot more.
— 27/10/2022 01:03
For elevator trim I use about 5 degrees forward. after the last update. I rotate at around 65-70 knots.
Rene Feijen — 27/10/2022 02:50
Thnx will try!
Rene Feijen — 27/10/2022 14:31
Went well!
Dreamflight767 — 30/10/2022 13:19
Hi. When you guys say “forward”, does that mean nose down? I’m having the hardest time with both take-off and landing. On take-off the airplane, even with the slightest of touches on my yoke, the nose pitches up almost 10 degrees, stalls and rolls. Reminds me an alligator when it’s attacking something. Same with landings. Can’t keep a stable approach. I notice when I flare, the speeds bleeds off significantly. If I don’t add a little power, I stall. If I add too much power in the flare, the airplane suddenly pitches up, stalls, and rolls.
I tried to do some stop and goes yesterday for practice but I was running out of patience. FYI, I fly Kodiak with heavier loads almost always close to the 40%CG.
I’ve got to explore (crash) at many cool new airports though thanks the Kodiak. :grin: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Dreamflight767 — 30/10/2022 13:36
On the SWS support website, it says :–75% forward at 40% CG". So how do I know if I’m 75% forward? Thanks.
Alex Vletsas — 30/10/2022 17:29
Please check the Kodiak’s manual which can be found in Community/Kodiak/Manual or downloaded from our page.
Dreamflight767 — 01/11/2022 14:15
Thanks. Just checking here. The manual says “When the line is pointing
down, trim is at 100% of travel.” So, does 100% of “travel” mean the trim would be set at 75% nose down?
SWR120 — 01/11/2022 15:08
Line at 12 o’clock: NEUTRAL; at 9 o’clock: 50% down; at 6 o’clock: 100% down → 75% down is about7:30 (doesn’t matter am or pm)
Be aware that currently there is a minor bug and the trim will go further down when you speed up at the runway. So, if you are at MTOW, try about 40% down.
Zippy The Pinhead — 01/11/2022 18:36
Correction: it’s a major bug when the flap auto trim system reconfigures your trim while your take off roll transitions above 35 kts. It would be grounded in real life if it was happening there. Ditto for any other flight phases where it has an effect.
Alex Vletsas — 01/11/2022 19:03
Identified and fixed, undergoing testing.
Zippy The Pinhead — 01/11/2022 19:30
Great, looking forward to it.
Dreamflight767 — 02/11/2022 06:27
OK. Thanks!
Very helpful.
Breenild — 04/11/2022 15:45
I find the approach phase very difficult actually.
Compared to the beginning I have to work so much with power, trim and yoke that I feel, it’s a pain to land the Kodiak!

Especially in short fields landings it’s very difficult to find the proper trim and power setting to land that beast.
I can’t imagine, that this behavior is realistic.

One question at this point: are the speed labels in g1000 fixed or are they kind of calculated based on the weights etc? THIS would be really helpful if possible.
Alex Vletsas — 04/11/2022 16:22
Speeds are fixed and defined in flight_model.cfg.

Regarding approach, I haven’t had difficulty myself but I’m used to it. There is a very real issue with the flaps, however. Reason unknown but we have to rework them.
Dreamflight767 — 05/11/2022 07:27
I think you’re onto something with the flaps. The airplane handles very oddly when you start putting flap out.
B777ER — 07/11/2022 01:12
I and others I’m sure hope this is actively being worked on now?
Alex Vletsas — 07/11/2022 01:18
Flaps are being worked on, yes.
BlazinMonk — 07/11/2022 01:23
Yes Approaches are frustrating since the last update. Hard to get stable on approach. I had to just stop flying it until the next update.
antonvs [Z+10] — 08/11/2022 05:46
I have not flown this plane IRL but have flown it in-sim since release day and the same plane in two previous Sims, including the amphibian now. Vertical handling still is the only issue I have in this otherwise perfect plane.

I’m surprised when you mention AP issues at 35kts. Surely the AP (if you mean Autopilot) should have no effect until you turn it on at above 400ft AGL and at climb speed.

Note. Having read this thread further, I think you were referring to Auto Trim (AT) not AP.
But it is a good read
dmncnpilot — 13/11/2022 11:50
Hello, I’m new here. I thought it was me but I see that the pitch stability issues are affecting other people. I uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled the original v1.00. Did a flight and it was good, ay least it was flyable.
Zippy The Pinhead — 14/11/2022 13:58
Is this going to be fixed soon? I’ve stopped flying the Kodiak due to the current issues (again) and it would be really great to be able to fly it again.
Alex Vletsas — 14/11/2022 17:42
It will be fixed as soon as we get it right. Unfortunately a timeline isn’t always possible because sim updates change the flight model. We will try to have it ASAP.
Magel — 16/11/2022 01:58
Question, is it just me that find p factor of the kodiak 100 to be a bit excessive?
Alex Vletsas — 16/11/2022 02:23
Yes and no. On take-off, the Kodiak’s supposed to require 30-50% right rudder trim on take-off. The problem is that at slow speeds and high power she will crab a lot. We’ve tried to balance out the two effects and she’s correct on take-off, but once you are airborne and try to fly very slowly (in the 60s) you’ll see excessive crabbing. That’s one we’re having problems dealing with.
Valiantium — 16/11/2022 10:00
I’m glad to see this, ironically (crabbing issue). As a new Kodiak owner, I thought either I was a horrible pilot or the plane had horrible controlability issues at low speeds. I also notice it seems to fall out of the sky at full flaps.
Alex Vletsas — 16/11/2022 17:59
Flaps are a known problem with this version and we’re working on it right now.


Tbh i think that channel is possibly why most here bought it? I know i did haha

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Yes me too!

You are posting this on every thread that mentions the Kodiak? Or just two?

For what it’s worth, since the latest patch it flies just fine IF you follow the numbers, down pitch trim, rudder trim right, take off at the published specs and don’t just floor it with the throttle but actually follow the chart. There are a few niggles, specifically the autopilot disengage resulting in an immediate lost of stability. It also gets a bit too hard to control as it nears its stall speed. But to repeat: if you pay attention to the charts it’s not nearly as bad as others make it out to be. I acknowledge it could be a bit better though. I think keeping a stable approach is a challenge but haven’t actually flown a Kodiak IRL so can’t say. My issue is more that the throttle is too sensitive at the required thrust for landing, resulting in either too much or too little power.

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Set the condition lever to low idle before landing and see if that doesn’t help you find and maintain that Goldilocks Zone with your throttle.

I’ll give it a try but I don’t think you’d want to limit power potential on landing in case a go around is necessary.

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It is just how I have seen it done online (Into the Blue Simulation’s YouTube channel, IIRC) and it can help in a pinch. IME, there is go around power, but I would set it back to high ASAP in a TOGA situation… and I am not a pilot.

I’ve leaned to near the runway around 100 knots and only at the tip of the runway do I reduce the throttle close to idle. The loss of speed is so fast (and subsequently of control) caught me by surprise too many times. :slight_smile:

That is much faster than published numbers, even heavily loaded and at altitude. Fully loaded I shoot for 85 over the fence and 75 or so at touchdown. Going by memory here.

75 is what I hit at touchdown as well. But I find that as soon as I reduce throttle to get below 100, it drops to 75-70 really fast.