SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 one the best aircraft for MSFS 2020

Well, I was debating with myself what to make my next tutorial on. I think I have my answer!


It is (even allowing for the NWS). I use a custom sensitivity setting for yaw and pitch in the Kodiak with the sensitivity dialled right down. That helps a lot.

Where are you getting that info from? Don’t think that’s right.

Yep, I’m thinking of the auto trim, not the autopilot.

You would pick him out in a crowd because of his massive right leg.

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Who? Mark Brown?

Just a lame joke about how much right rudder you need to put in with the Kodiak. :slight_smile:

In all versions I’ve had of the Kodiak since new I’ve always had to reset VS after re-arming it. As soon at it levels to it’s set height it again resets to zero, have to set my next altitude, engage VS again and roll the knob, usually quite gently easing it in, especially as it can go to 1600fpm anytime you want. A 172 you can throw 700fpm at it and take a break while it wheezes to get there.

With the nose down trim on takeoff I vary between -15 and -35 or so depending on load, take off, hand fly the climb and gently roll the trim back to the usual =/- 7% range it usually trims in while easing the yoke until all is happy and evenly balanced, then engage AP and then set VS. It will hold the altitude setting but not VS preset.

You engage AP it’s surely going to ‘dive’ somewhat because it VS is zero and you may have a ton of trim or yoke in it. You just get used to working the yoke in response, just as you push forward a bit dropping flaps. Or disengaging autopilot or moving the trim wheel after flaps are down and autotrim may or may not be in agreement with your input.

And setting a -25% or so value to the trim wheel access allows for a lot more precision while being responsive, and that’s in any aircraft, especially faster ones.

I don’t find it difficult at all to pedal the rudder on takeoff and eat the centerline like pac-man. It’s muscle memory like any aircraft. Watch Islander pilots take off and they go right to the trim wheel like it’s the Price is Right. Each STOL takes a bit of procedure practice to get around their quirks be it a fat wing, slats and flaps, or way overpowered airframes. And sometimes a bit of a heavy hand.


Likewise. This is normal behaviour. Once the GFC-700 captures the pre-selected altitude (ALTS), it will zero any vertical mode (VS, PIT or FLC).

Pilots should remember that the G1000nxi with the GFC-700 has different behaviour than many other GA autoflight systems as the mode change sequence is different as it is ON-OFF and you can’t switch directly between modes ( at least on the real unit)


Had a weird problem on a flight last night. Was around a 1 and a half hour flight from Tromso to Kirkenes and after an hour or so all my main displays suddenly went blank. The plane still followed the route no problem.

I then noticed that if I pressed escape to go to the menu the displays would show again. Resume and they vanished. Then every so often they would suddenly come back for a few seconds and then vanish again.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Most probable cause would be the autodimming feature on the G1000 screens - set to manual via the menu softkey on the PFD.

Next thing to check is that electrical supply is good 24v minimum and alternators and generators producing amps.

If you are in AAU1 beta, that might be a cause of you have the new Garmin530/430 installed. Try without it (you can remove the packages via content manager).

After that maybe into the realm of possible conflicts. I wouldn’t say ‘bug’ because others are not reporting this issue (but the screen brightness issue is common now we are in winter months)

To all those who provided advice/suggestions, and especially @WellREDBarron, the issue with the nose dive on AP engage was absolutely related to elevator trim.

I just loaded the aircraft, as before, and pre-configured the AP for my initial assigned altitude and a VS of 800’/min. This time, however, I trimmed the aircraft during the climb out and then engaged the AP — no nose dive and the AP was able to adjust for its preconfigured 800’/min climb rate successfully.

I dislike admitting my failings, but I’m all the better for it.


Love a good success story, congrats!

Excellent news!

Good man. Your experience may serve as a learning point! I never actually engage AP until in the cruise…if at all as I love handflying a well trimmed Kodi so much!


Don’t we all. Good on you for not trying to mask it off as something else like so many do. We all make mistakes. Glad you got it sorted and learned more about this great aircraft along the way.

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I say, does everybody else’s autodim feature work? Mine doesn’t seem to work at all. It remains at full brightness at night and in VR that’s too bright. I correct this by changing to manual (which will be sitting at 30%) and then adjust the brightness by just 1 % up or down and suddenly the PFD dims substantially to the setting (say 31%). Then I set it back to auto, for what it’s worth.

For SPAD users, I’ve just published the latest version of my Kodiak profile, which has much coolness, including Beta range on the power, the EPL axis, missing G1000 sounds and switches to open to rear cargo door and much much more (for HC Alpha, Bravo and Logitech panels, but scripts could be adapted to other devices)


Excellent, thanks for sharing this. Finally got some of the missing items I needed. I don’t have the sounds, presumably as the path points to local files on your computer.

I’m really glad you did this. I did start down the path of getting to know the software when I bought it but found I was spending more time on this than flying!

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how can i find it? a little lost on how to find them on