SimWorks Studios PC-12 (47 and NG)

Please take my money! I can’t wait. The PC12 is my perfect plane!


If I ever won a billion dollars, PC-12 would be my plane


Will that mean you’ll go back and update the Kodiak and things with your break throughs aswell :thinking:

In your original 2022 road map it was mentioned, I think, that you were loosely aiming for a mid year launch.

Obviously, road maps are only a rough guide but I was wondering if a release is still on the cards for this year or whether we should realistically be looking at 2023 for this?

I am quite happy, by the way, to wait as long as it takes for you to get it to the stage you are happy with. Quality is more important to me than an earlier launch date :slightly_smiling_face:

If it weren’t for a bunch of RL issues we would have it out already. A lot of things went sideways.

Regarding the Kodiak and porting things over: some of it is already in the Kodiak, as it is v1.0 of the tech. Putting it all in the Kodiak is a question mark. We don’t know is the honest answer.


Thank you for the reply.

No pressure. Please just concentrate on producing a good product which is I believe your main objective.

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to your Kodiak float which I believe will soon be with us and at a great price too :slightly_smiling_face:


So awesome that you guys respond in these forums. Can’t wait for the PC-12!


Hello, has there been any progress since then?

I think the latest guidelines are that it will now be released next year sometime, not sure when though.

Aiming for Q1. Something has happened and its worth the delay. You will know soon.


No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the update :+1:

Can’t wait to have a non-Garmin Avionics. I reallye love Garmin, but it is boring to have it in all planes.

The modern Honeywell Epic in your Pilatus will be a day one purchase for me.

Use the search or read through this thread. You will find that the Primus Is not coming until much later. What we are getting early next year is an earlier model variant.

I know, I can wait.

From their Facebook Page:

I honestly can’t wait. The Carenado PC-12 is just a big bag of ‘meh’.


Great news if we’re receiving an air ambulance version, it’s something a lot of people have been looking forward to.


Any news from SWS for this beauty?

They posted something on Facebook that works were going quite slow, probably won’t come out until the last part of the year really, as my personal guess.

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This weeks discord update. I personally think the first one is getting close now. Hopefully it’s in Q2.

On the PC-12 front, we wanted to be able to preview the PC-12 right now but, again, we are adding some new details and corrections that we found. In addition to a power outage that threw our texture artist out for the past 24h, we are stuck. We apologize for the delay and building up the hype, but we don’t want it to be just a “good preview” but something mind-blowing! The PC-12/47 cockpit will be previewed when it is fully textured and ready, in the simulator, and it won’t be long!

Many have been asking us about the cockpit layout of the PC-12. We are planning for two setups. Both planes will share the KMD540 weather RADAR, GTN330 transponder and GMA340 Audio panel. For navigation, two options will be available. The first option is the beloved GNS530/430 combo. The second layout will feature an either a GTN750 & 650 or dual GTN750 cockpit setup -we are still undecided, but that is easy to implement once we get the other items finalized.

On the systems front, we now have an initial, working version of the aileron-rudder interconnect system and are fine-tuning quirks of the flight model with the help of our testers. An annoying limitation is that we were unable to simulate the aggressive nose-down attitude of the aircraft with full flaps extended. MSFS’ flight model does not support this, even though it was possible in FSX! We have reported this to Asobo and hope it will be addressed in one of the next sim updates, as that is a very interesting feature of the real aircraft. Until this is addressed by Asobo, we will release the aircraft with correct flap lift & drag, but the approach AoA will not be the same as in the real aircraft.

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End of year would be a major failure given that we are 3 months late already. We can’t put out a plane until it is just right and the PC-12 is another Kodiak: it takes morr time than anticipated to get right. Add random problems like health, equipment failures and other nuissances and late days can stack up.

Non-fun example: my (new) GPU sometimes resets for reasons unknown, multiple times. Three resets this past Friday cost me half the day troubleshooting and refocusing. Developing a plane isn’t only the plane itself, but a lot of other small things to that can sometimes slow things down a lot.

And make no mistake that we are all very annoyed by this too, more than you. Also, the PC-12 will pleasantly surprise you.

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