SimWorks Studios PC-12 (47 and NG)

Looking forward to SU15 (I’m not in the beta) to see how ground handling is improved across the board. That may be the key difference in our related experiences.

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Just got the sws pc12 and really loving it so far :grin::grinning: i saw in a marketplace picture that you can open the engine cowling, how can i open it ?


Check the manual’s quickstart guide. You can find it in the aircraft folder under “Manuals”, or get it from our website’s PC-12 page under Free Extras.


Since purchasing the PC-12 for Xbox, I too have wondered how to control the engine cowling. I’ve inadvertently opened the cowling twice somehow from inside the cockpit and couldn’t find a way to close it (other than restarting my entire flight).

I’ve read the entire SWS manual (including the quickstart section) but I don’t think there is any mention of how to control the engine cowling. I’m happy to be corrected however.

Could you help answer this? Thanks.

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I have owned this aircraft since release and now want to update but cannot find the SWS installer, cannot find any reference anywhere to its file name or normal location. I apparently don’t have an SWS account, so I must have purchased it elsewhere but have no idea where. It is in my Community folder so I’m assuming it’s not Marketplace. Any ideas for how I can proceed?

I bought my Pilatus directly from SWS. But there are also dealers, for example SimMarket, iniBuilds or Contrail. Did you perhaps buy there?

It’s also directly in the in game marketplace maybe you got it there?

Answered a few posts ago.

Or search for cowling in this topic.

There’s always someone… :roll_eyes:

Thank you for the clarification. I think I was perhaps just misled by the developer’s previous advice to refer to the manual, however the manual does not explain these steps for operation of the cowling.

Thanks again.

I got it from a YT video a long time ago probably just after release. It would be nice to have it in the manual though. Or is it? tbh, I don’t remember…. Or, maybe, it has been added in updates. Click spots somewhere in the cockpit would even be better since the rear door under the fuselage is quiet difficult to spot so more people could easily enjoy the nice modeling/texturing work. An animated cockpit “curtain door” would be great too :slight_smile:

Hey all, I’m SURE this has been asked but searches aren’t helping me right now oddly.

I purchased the PC-12 via the MSFS Marketplace. According to the manual this doesn’t allow me to modify the avionics, however the manual says I can get a mod installer that will me do that but where it sems it is intended to have a link it has none.

PC users will be able to get the required mod files by going to this page and manually installing the version they wish to use. These options are not available for Xbox users.

“this page” is just in bold in the manual and not a link to anything :frowning:

Does anyone have the link to get these?


assuming you can find what you’re looking for here.

i bought it on pc so i don’t know for sure if this is right but i opened the zip file and it’s got a bunch of folders for each avionics package.

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Thanks this looks like exactly what I needed.

Is anyone else seeing these errors in the Debug console?
Behaviors XML
Error : Node used to create Material Is not valid : 12218091167301373275 (LoD 0). Ignored.

EDIT: Reinstalled. Issue solved.

For the cowling clickspots to be visible you need to have the plane off, parking brake set and controls locked.

At that point you can open the access panels by clicking the middle of the door, opposite to the hinged side. To go in “walkaround” camera you should open the preflight checklist and click the “eye” icon next to Inapect External Lights.

This will teleport you outside the cockpit -while still in cockpit camera for the clickspots to work!

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I’ve lost count of the number of planes I’ve bought. Tonnes of GAs, a couple jets, bush and STOL planes. I stayed away from the PC-12 for months because of the bad press it had. Then I flew and rewatched a recent stream by TwoToneMurphy and was convinced enough to buy it.

And hands down this has to be the best and my most favourite plane to hand fly. It feels great. Turns lovely. I can trim it out easily at all stages of flight.

Now I’m reading up on the real thing and the amazing variety of missions it flies around the world.

Maybe it wasn’t always like this but this is fast becoming my go to plane in between a nice STOL bush plane and airliners.


This is great to hear. I don’t have it yet myself but it is very nice to hear someone talk about how it feels to hand fly it because that is the most important thing of all to me.

It really feels amazing to fly. Usually with most planes I activate autopilot quickly after takeoff but with this one I usually wait until cruise just because it feels so great.