SimWorks Studios PC-12 (47 and NG)

What a great way to enter a 100th post :grinning:
Me on 101​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Absolutely looking forward to it mate, I’ve only got basic understanding with trying to do very basic airport updates in the sdk with freezes and the like and could not begin to imagine developing a whole plane…

Came so close to buying the “other” pc12 but with these last two posts…
I am going to just sit and wait… like they say in the trade industry… measure once cut twi… I mean measure twice, cut once​:rofl::rofl::rofl::shushing_face:

Hope you slip in a sounds air livery :grin:


No failure :slight_smile: it takes what it takes really (well now on the commercial point of view of course it is a different story). I think we all have tons of good third parties to spend good time with, so no reason to feel rushed.

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Every day it’s not out…

  1. They feel bad they haven’t followed through on their commitment to themselves and their customers. I feel bad when I don’t do what I say I’m going to do at least
  2. It’s less money in their pockets, or rather, it’s taking longer for that money to find its way to their pockets, so there’s that motivation too…

Not to worry, tho, my money will be with you as soon as it’s released, so no loss on that front other than they can’t pay bills with it yet.

I, too, was one of the ones who almost pulled the trigger on the other one cause the PC-12 is a favorite of mine (I see them fly overhead all the time out of KBED). I would still get this one if I bought the other (I have both PC-6’s), but I’m happy I saved some money there by not getting the other one :slight_smile:

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Pulling the trigger on “the other” wasn’t something I considered as “the other” doesn’t really bother much on realism :slight_smile:

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Really looking forward to this

Finally out of the woods with the 3D model! Screenies are WIP, everything will look better and go faster now.

Yes, it works.

An version containing a full walkaround feature is planned. You will be able to preflight the aircraft, accessing the engine, fuel and tqil compartments. Wear and random failures will be included.


Looks great. I’ve been following the previews really eagerly. I’m happy you guys went with the GTN 650/750 combo. To me, that’s a more useful display setup than 2x 750s, because you have the 650 above the EIS, and it’s more in your forward field-of-view.

So it seems you are doing a pre series 10 model. I can tell from the 6 X 7 annunciator panel. The series 10 aircraft have a 6 X 8 annunciator panel.

Looking good so far.

Where you getting 750/650 from? Those images are showing a 530/430. Are there other images around that I perhaps haven’t seen yet?

It was mentioned in their update post on facebook and discord. But 430/530 is another available config.

I follow the discord but I don’t recall seeing 750/650 images but I do look at a lot of sim related stuff so it may just not have registered at the time. I’d certainly prefer the GTN’s over the GNS’s. I’ll have to look through again. Thx.

No shots of the GTN combo have been published yet, but an auto-swap feature will be present on release.

The annunciator panel will change to 6x8, this is a left-over that we need to correct and forgot to.


Thx, that’s why I don’t remember them.

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Meaningful walkarounds, external model interaction. Failures and Wear (which implies persistence also). Sounds like a new benchmark for GA third-party to me.


Is there a new release date? Even approximate

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It comes out when it’s ready and I for one will patiently wait.

Like many others on here I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Kodiak, you did a great job on that and I will get the PC12 when it drops in the marketplace.

Quick question do you plan to add Navigraph implementation?

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Navigraph is one of the things that we have discussed about, when we get our own tablet.

Regarding the PC-12 we are refining things constantly left and right but it’s getting there, finally. Here are a few more screenies. This is an older build so excuse the milky glass and contrast.


It’s looking very good Sirri👍

Glad to hear you’re considering Navigraph. Hopefully it will come at some point, not essential but definitely a nice to have.