SimWorks Studios PC-12 (47 and NG)

My fear is, that it is a NGX model with a G1000 cockpit :frowning: .
But there is an Pilatus Logo on the plane, so there is some hope that it will be somehow realistic.

The NG has bigger windows too. This is interesting. Perhaps Carenado has been working on one in secret. SWS has an agreement with Pilatus so not sure how this one’s come about if indeed it’s not a another Asobo King Air with G3X

It is an NGX (square windows, AC exhaust and main gear actuator). From certain details it seems to be Carenado that made it.

The Pilatus license isn’t exclusive. If Microsoft agreed with them (Pilatus), they can outsource the model to anyone to build it. I would love to know what the cockpit “wears” though and eho made it. If WT did an Apex that is moddable like the 3000 it would save us a ton of work.


Thanks for the clarification.

My fear as well. Frankly the only reason I really want an NG is to play around with a new avionics system not yet another Garmin.

If they slam a G1000 in a PC12 Asobo have no business calling their product a simulator. The “G3X” (well) in the King Air was a disgrace but it was somewhat accepted back in 2020 because it was a totally new product from Asobo. The community is less likely to accept Frankenstein avionics nowadays.

I will most likely not be flying the Carenado PC12 after getting used to the awesome SWS version so I’ll still wait for their NG even if Carenado has a decent Apex system (probably not).

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From January 2, 2022 until today, 891 days waiting for the final version of this wonderful aircraft.
I honestly didn’t think I would last that long…but I’m sure I’ll live to enjoy the final version. :clap: :clap: :clap: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Could anyone please tell me how to catch VOR in this plane?

The VOR frequency is put into the NAV radio of PMS50 GTN750 and active.
Then I choose “VOR 1” as nav source by clicking “NAV” button on the CP467 control panel.

As you can see, bearing pointer 1 at the left bottom corner shows the correct direction and distance to the chosen VOR but the EHSI itself doesn’t.

What am I missing??

What’s the exact station. You could be tuned to a TACAN station and therefore you will get distance info but no bearing. Strange though that you have no DME info in the top right corner. If it’s a terminal VOR then in the sim these are limited to around 38nm. Try moving closer.

I think terminal VORs are also limited by height. I was unable to attain anything from them above circa 22,000ft even though I was pretty close to them. But this screenshot looks strange :joy:

Does the SWS PC12 use CFD, New Propeller Simulation and Soft Body Simulation?

Can’t recall what the exact station was.
Maybe it was TACAN.
But the discrepancy between the left-bottom corner & right-top is still mystery to me.