Simworks Studios Vans RV10

You turn your head and look at the trim tab? That’s how I do it in real life…

Just going by this. Its not at all rare so not sure why you think it is.
It’s a cert requirement to have a means of trim indication so perhaps by rare you mean across just the non certified aircraft. Even then I doubt many LSA or homebuilds wouldn’t have an indication for an associated trim control.

I completely understand. And I’m not claiming airplanes will fly hands off without trim. Trim is essential. But no aircraft I’ve flown to date in the sim has needed aileron trim. There’s a reason it’s hardly ever mentioned in any tutorials or videos (compared with elevator and rudder trim).

I’ve got all assists turned off. I use right rudder on take off and fully aware of p-factor in climbs and at high torque settings.

But accepting it is needed, I’ve installed Input Viewer so I can see what numbers work best. Aileron trim of 2, with throttle at 21 MP and prop at 2210 RPM, works for straight and level flight. Change aileron trim to 0 and the left roll begins straight away. Admittedly not as aggressively as full power, which is what I would expect.

I’d be interested if you could also run Input Viewer and tell me what your aileron trim is set to.

New video here:

Excuse the stuttering at the start. Sometimes my PC struggles. (This flight sim lark is expensive, lol). And it’s before work so I was a bit rushed.

@CharlieFox00 re. the previous video, in those hard banks I was hands off completely. That’s all the planes doing.

I’ve used it in the TBM 850. I think that’s the only one though.

Our old RV-6 had a wedge added to the lower trailing edge of the aileron to compensate for an inbuilt roll tendency, not sure if it was a build discrepancy in the wing or if it was an engine/prop combo thing but it took a few flights of trial & error to get the right size wedge. It never flew level in roll hands off unless the power settings & environmental forces were perfect. The thing I notice the most with the sim RV-14 is the difference in roll rate, probably due to the larger wings of the 14, it definitely still has that RV feel though…

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It will be added after the RV-8 is finished and any kinks have been ironed out. We already know there will be problems between the new G3X and the PMS/TDS GTNs, so we need to roll it out as kinks are ironed out.


I have to admit once aileron trim is used it does fly nicely so I’m going to explore some more but definitely retract my earlier statement about the aircraft quality. It’s just taking some adjustment after the initial shock in how different it was ‘out of the box’ vs other planes.

In this thread, we are talking about experimentals. I rarely see trim indications unless they are running a newer EFIS. To get a trim indication, you either need a servo that sends it, or a trim relay board. Then you need to use valuable panel space for the indicator (analog) or an EFIS that supports trim indication. Like flap position, it’s rare in the experimental world, and depends wholly on whether the builder wants to go through the trouble and expense of installing it. On the first RV8 I built, I didn’t bother. My current RV8 had both flap and trim indicators on the AFS 3500, and now on the G3X because it was a feature built into the trim relay board I used. I’m just stating my direct experience in the US experimental world, yours may vary.


If I get a min over the weekend I’ll check my control position settings and report back. How do I get this control position indicator you’re talking about?

It’s available here: Input Viewer for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

But actually don’t worry. It think with your responses and some of the others I’m accepting of need for some aileron trim, know that a value of 2 works well and can be set confidently using the input viewer before take off (I’ll imagine I’ve eye balled it manually :)).

In a real light aircraft was the term used and that certainly doesn’t mean experimental only. Even in the experimental world it’s not rare. Not used by every builder perhaps but to be rare if would only be seen on the odd build here or there and that is not what I’m seeing.

Sim Update 15 is late by a month and these issues are still not resolved? As far as I’m aware the PMS/GTS is not your product so it’s disheartening that your planes are held back by someone else’s problems, especially that not even everyone uses them as they’re only an option. I have a feeling not many will want to fly the RV 10/14 after the public SU15 release without the new G3X. It’s just night and day compared to the old one.

Our (PMS) GTN750 is compatible with the new WT G3X.
It can be used as an external navigator for it.
So we are ready on our side.
Now, this requires a bit of work from the aircraft developers to get the product integrated. This is just a matter of config lines in the panel.xml file.


That was probably my post about the constant left roll you’re referring to. I still haven’t found a solution for it. Watching your video, it looks exactly like what I’m experiencing. I’m on Xbox (series X) for what it’s worth.

Ah without being able to install Input Viewer I’m not sure how you’d consistently get the aileron roll configured. For me a value of 2.0 right aileron allows me to flight as I’d expect.

I still maintain this shouldn’t be necessary. At least in the sim. Would be nice if Simworks implemented an EFB that showed and allowed such things to be changed.

I agree with your statement that this shouldn’t be necessary. I can completely understand a rolling tendency with high manifold pressure settings due to propeller torque, P-factor, etc., especially when climbing after takeoff, but there should be a way to trim the aircraft to fly “hands-off” for the most part, or at least get it close, once you have reached cruise altitude and power/propeller settings. That being said, I do still enjoy flying the RV-10 (it is basically my dream airplane), it looks fantastic, and sounds great.

I’m not really sure why you guys can’t get it trimmed. I had no problem getting it to fly hands off. It’s stable in both roll and pitch once trimmed.

Does anyone know if/when the RV10 will be updated to accept the new G3X?

Updates for the RV 10/14 will come after the RV-8 release which is expected first week of July, according to SWS discord.