Simworksstudios kodiak 100 page gone?

Did they remove it?

Still there.


They just released an update for the Kodiak so high traffic may be causing problems with the site again.

I’ll keep watching.

It’s not even listed on the MSF product page

We pulled the plane from sale to allow existing customers to download the update without the site crashing and causing problems to existing and new customers.

A bit of a convenience as we weren’t able to switch to a new host yet (not a good time).

It will be back up again.


No update on just-flight yet ?

What did they change in the plane?

Was there a change log posted somewhere? Still at Xmas dinner but can’t wait to find out what the update was for. Amazing plane.


Reduced excessive propwash and P-Factor causing the plane to lose control at aft CG takeoffs
Fixed tail wobbling beyond 30 kts
Fixed floating stitches in Summit interior
Fixed aircraft.cfg entries that precluded ATC from calling custom campaigns and tail numbers.
Changed G1000 logic to enable night dimming. (edited)

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Any informations when the update comes to simmarket?

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Pretty sure it will appear tomorrow morning. They are usually fast and also update over the weekend.

Then we hope for the best. Have a nice Christmas to you :wink:

Still no Update in Simmarket…

Nor in Orbx. But since it’s the holidays, I don’t expect a very fast turn-around.

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The update of SWS Kodiak 100 has just landed on Orbx Central, even on Sunday. Very professional service!


Still not update in Simmarket

Could not find a Kodiak 100 update on SWS website at this time.

Got - thanks!

Still not seeing it on Just Flight, you?