Since Last Update :(

I never had these CTD’s till the last update. Can’t even complete an hour flight now. Just seems to get worse and worse. Come on Microsoft, this is a great sim, FIX IT!


This was the worst update so far, personally it gave me nothing but more bugs, I wish I could uninstall it.


If you’re crashing, it’s most likely one of your mods or liveries that’s causing the issues.
Clear out your Community folder and test again.

I haven’t added any new mod’s since the last update unless the one’s I had before are causing it. I might empty community folder and try.

Regardless of not adding any since… it likely snafu’d the mods you had and crashes the game

I found out the hard way as well with this, its worth a shot

-Clear rolling cache-cache (unless its off)
-Remove mods

ALWAYS remove mods. It’s the easiest low-labor and likely suspect to CTDs and no-starts. There’s no guarantee your fave mod is going to work with the next update.

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It doesn’t matter whether or not you remove the mods you have in the folders once you solve the CtD problem, you will find a thousand different problems with the planes and their systems, the standard airline planes that the simulator has are only visual recreations, they work their systems if the case in 30% the rest is INOP. And if you put a decent MOD like the one from F&B on the A320N, you will find that the patch completely damaged it and it cannot fly with this device.

Removed all my mod’s, no difference and the AP in the Longitude was wonky as hell going into Houston before it CTD.

How do you clear rolling cache?

Me too, every time there is an update I have to uninstall the sim because MS store refuses to fix this issue. now with this update, my left/right/up/down arrows don’t function correctly anymore, and because I use 3 displays I need them to center the pilot view.

Go into your settings a use the default keyboard bindings, it will work.

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In the data tab, towards the bottom says delete or clear rolling cache, then reset it if you use it


It amazes me that a supposed world leader in software development , like Microsoft claims to be , cannot get a simple game software update right…consistently at that.

My main gripe with this update is that my mouse right click stopped working when in camera mode. Kind of need that to be able to fly in this game. No matter what I adjust in settings , it will not work.

Oh well , I’ll put MSFS back in the trash can until the next update , I guess.

I’ve gotten lots of problems and ctd’s. Then I realized that almost ALL liveries are total ■■■■. None are compatible with this flight sim. They are made by people, not part of the software developers and therefore aren’t stable.
I think We should stop the Asobo bashing. Delete ALL liveries. I think most scenery files are ok. Since I’ve done this the sim has not crashed, even after the latest update. A clean community folder with some nice scenery enhancements are all we need, until professional liveries are made. Just a humble opinion.
I don’t think aircraft mods are compatible either

I completely emptied my community folder and the CTD’s continue :frowning:

did you have the a32NX mod installed in the past? I think this one changes some core game files, and will thus have an effect even after you remove the mod.

No I didn’t

Wow. No 3rd party mods? Reboot

computer. Do all windows updates and windows / Microsoft store updates, even optional ones

Problems still point back to Asobo as the SDK has no information about aircraft repaints or how to set up a performance mod for an aicraft. No information about how the various aircraft folders work, composition of the .cfg files, naming conventions etc etc etc. In fact the little informaiton it has about aircraft seems to be slanted towards 3rd party aircraft developers, but even that is a bit sparse. As a result most people wanting to do a repaint or performance enhancement just have to try it and see what happens, rather than follow any Asobo created guide. The forum community is a good resource, but this is not backed by any information from Asobo. That said, half the fun is working it out.

I did a clean reinstall with this update and all works fine so far. No mods. Even the stock A320 is behaving nicely. Am I going to have to do that every time there’s an update? I hope not! Takes 4hrs to download