Since sim update 3 when you resize windows from VR Toolbar when it redraws it is not respecting new size

Any window I have tried to resize the contents are not reflecting that change. It does not matter if it is a addon or default windows like VFR map.

Before sim update 3 it you resized the window smaller then the contents would also get smaller.

I only fly in VR so guess I am done with MSFS till they can fix what they broke.

I would really like this sim to succeed in VR but sure off to a very rocky start.

I filed a bug report related to this issue and did get a response and it was marked as solved which I thought was great until I looked at the FAQ to see what solved means. Just seemed like a poor choice of words as I would have thought recorded would better match the status.

Blockquote Ticket Statuses Explained (Bug Reports)

  • Open: The report is in the queue. A bug report will remain open until it’s updated or marked as solved.
  • Awaiting your reply: Our team contacted you to request more information and is waiting for your reply.
  • Solved: The bug report has been handled—our team has recorded the bug in our internal bug and issue tracker. Please note this does not mean you will see the bug fixed in the next update, but has been recorded and prioritized accordingly.