Since Sim Update 5, immediate CTD when clicking world map or trying to load a flight

Has anyone else experienced/experiencing this? I know the workaround for getting around the world map CTD, but it requires getting into the world map to be able to switch it. With Sim Update 5, I was able to get to the world map screen, but would experience a CTD if I either tried to select a departure or load a PLN.

My solution to get around that was to switch the view from satellite to IFR/VFR. That allowed me to load a PLN or select a departure.
One of the patches to sim update 5 broke even this, however, as now upon clicking “world map” to go to that screen, immediate CTD. It should be noted that both the sim and its content files are on an external drive, though this shouldn’t effect things much, I’d hope. Prier to sim update 5 there were no issues with this setup.
A user on reddit who also had this CTD solved it by reformating the drive they had the sim on to NTFS format. My drive is NTFS, however.
It should also be noted that I’ve gotten the minimum requirements warning each and every time I’ve started the sim since I started using it, and I could safely ignore it… until sim update 5. As of today, world map CTD still happens for me on Sim Update 6.
Is this CTD not a high priority for Asobo? Another issue I’m having, even though I don’t use these modes. Discovery flights, flight training… I click them and they just don’t load. Or they take an extremely long time to load their contents…

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