Since today the simulator crashes

Since today the simulator crashes to desktop.

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Quickest troubleshooting step is to remove all Mods from your Community folder and restart.

and have you changed any bios/windows settings particularly

There’s been no recent updates – I would ensure nothing within your community folder has been changed, as well as any other programs you may have downloaded that would interact with MSFS.

Search for “CTD” and clear the afternoon for reading all the posts on the subject. Many solutions are offered, even though you need to find one specific to your hardware and environment. The most common causes are mods, liveries, AI traffic on, using external tools like Little Nav Map, overclocking, power issues (portable heaters, etc.), internet issues, and having settings too hard for your hardware.

Good luck!

FWIW yesterday there was a DirectX update from the Microsoft Store. May not have anything to do with MSFS because there is no info available. Also recently there have been C++ Runtime Libraries updates from Microsoft Store. Again, no way to determine any MSFS impact. There was a Windows 10 update a few days ago.

I meant in regards to MSFS updates/patches – I don’t believe the runtime libraries are modified for the game without a launcher update also appearing, however. There could be some isolated issues with the recent Windows 10 update I agree.

According to this post, issue seems to be solved by removing some add-ons from the community folder: